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Christmas Cocktails

Oh baby, it’s cold outside! So what better way to warm up than with a couple of festive cocktails? We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite winter warmers, fruity punches and spicy cocktails that are perfect for Christmas day drinks

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Lay Z Spa on All Star Family Fortunes!

They say giving is better than receiving, but we’re rather jealous of the celebrity family who gets to win our Lay Z Spa on All Star Family Fortunes! Our Lay Z Spa Premium XL is being offered as a prize

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The World’s Largest Corkscrew by Rob Higgs

We’ve seen plenty of big things in our time; supersized glassware, giant sweets and rather large cocktail accessories. But a giant corkscrew? Surely that’s one gadget that should be able to fit in the kitchen draw? Not satisfied with a

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SodaStream: Get Busy With The Fizzy!

We’re getting hit with some 80s nostalgia in the Drinkstuff office. No we haven’t been playing Pac-Man, we’ve been sampling the newly revamped range of SodaStream! You’ve seen the TV advert and its official; SodaStream is back and everyone’s getting

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Ultimate Drinking Gadget: The Bierstick

You might have chugged your pint straight from the glass, used a straw to down a bottle or perhaps you’ve funnelled your beer through a beer bong, but you may find your chugging lap times pale in comparison with what

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