Kilner – An Essential Part of Kitchen Life


Today, Kilner jars are the unsung hero of The Great British Bake Off, adding to create the unrivalled atmosphere of nostalgia that comes with Britain’s best loved, and most pleasant, baking programme. An essential all-round storage jar for keeping ingredients

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How to Serve Absinthe

How to Serve Absinthe

The French Method of preparing Absinthe is a ritual that has been observed for generations, and involves great patience. You can’t rush the Green Fairy. Use our simple step by step guide to learn how to serve Absinthe. Step 1

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How To Use A Boston Shaker

How To Use A Boston Cocktail Shaker

Follow drinkstuff’s simple 5 step guide to learn how to use the Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker, just like a professional mixologist. Step 1 Add your ingredients to the shaker glass with ice. You may need to muddle or churn your ingredients

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Food Trends in the US

Here in the UK, we tend to find food and drink trends working their way from across the pond in the US and firmly establishing themselves in to British catering culture. Our guest blogger, Mark from catering retailer in the US

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Scorpion Bowl

The Scorpion Bowl is a sharing cocktail that originates from Honolulu in Hawaii. Typically made from ceramic, this large bowl includes a central volcano-styled structure designed to hold flammable liqueur and is sometimes known as a Volcano Bowl. As made popular at

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