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Scorpion Bowl

The Scorpion Bowl is a sharing cocktail that originates from Honolulu in Hawaii. Typically made from ceramic, this large bowl includes a central volcano-styled structure designed to hold flammable liqueur and is sometimes known as a Volcano Bowl. As made popular at

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As a refreshing new take on Sloe Gin, Slodka is quicker to mature and provides a more acidic taste. Slodka, or Sloe Vodka as it’s frequently known as, is made using a combination of sloes, sugar and vodka, these ingredients are

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The Pickleback is an unusual 2 shot drinks concept where you chase a shot of whisky, with a shot of pickle brine. With the intention of neutralising the bitter remnants of the whisky, the sour taste of the brine provides a tangy

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A Poptail is a type of cocktail created by mixologist David Kay. This unique cocktail creation combines two summer favourites, prosecco and fruity ice lollies, strictly for adults only. The sweetness of the ice lolly creates a new taste sensation to

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A Boilermaker in America is a classic party cocktail which consists of a shot of whisky, followed by a chaser of beer. This is either consumed the traditional way, one after the other, or by dropping the shot glass into

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