Autumn fruit harvest – get baking and cocktail making!

We may all be grieving the end of summer but the warm weather during the past few months wasn’t just good news for us and our sun deprived skin.

According to the Woodland Trust, the continued mild weather has resulted in a late autumn, which will provide a bumper crop of autumn berries. This year’s weather has also been very good for apple trees, with the prolonged cold snap early on helping them fruit, and the sunny summer enabling them to grow and develop a good flavour.

autumn harvest

With this in mind, why not take advantage of this upcoming abundance of fresh autumnal berries and seeded fruits, and make your own preserves or wine – or even treat yourself to an elderberry champagne cocktail!


Apples for making cider

To best utilise a crop of apples (or pears) how about making your own home brew of cider? Using the recipe on you can produce your own refreshing batch of cider, and store your creation in a selection of Roma Glass Bottles.

Not only are the bottles functional and made of hard-wearing glass, they are also an attractive ornamental piece ideal for showing off the fruits of your labor (so to speak!).

You will of course need a proper cider glass for serving up your concoction, so how about the Ultimate Cider Glass? The handmade glass is designed to enhance the flavours of your cider and is presented in an eye-catching decorative tube.



Grapes for making wine

Whether you are a wine making connoisseur, have enjoyed holidays in France stomping on grapes – or even if you have previously only been interested in buying your plonk from the local supermarket – the autumn crop of grapes will be perfect for making your own wine.

Follow the instructions for how to make wine from grapes on; or if you fancy something a little different, give plum wine a try.

The Colourworks Colour Glass Bottles make a suitable  container for storing your wine production. They come in an attractive selection of bright colours and feature a movable plastic lid with silicone seal and a metal clip that locks.

To serve, there is an extensive range of wine glasses on drinkstuff to choose from.

As a suggestion, how about the Signature Wine Glasses from Arcoroc? These include a striking selection of fine rimmed French glasses that exude class and style.


Blackberries and apples for baking

There’s nothing more comforting on a cool autumn evening than tucking into a warm homemade dessert.

Using in-season apples and berries,  get your apron on and whip up a blackberry and apple pie using this Jamie Oliver recipe.

You’ll need a dish to bake it in of course, so how about this Mason Cash Round Perfect Pie Dish?



Berries for making jam

Making jam is the perfect method for utilising the plentiful harvest of autumn berries such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  The recipe for making jam is relatively simple, and can be followed on the BBC Food website.

To ensure that the jam is preserved for as long as possible you will need a Kilner Preserving Jar, which has a vacuum sealed lid to guarantee freshness.



Elderberries for making champagne cocktails

If you are celebrating a special occasion or have guests attending an event, elderberry champagne cocktails should go down a treat.

Once you have accumulated your elderberries, it’s time to start making a cordial. Use the easy to follow instructions on for a detailed explanation, with images included to help the production process.

You can add this cordial to a number of cocktail recipes, but how about trying this rather sophisticated sounding Cucumber, Mint and Elderflower Champagne cocktail, following the recipe on

To serve, the Signature Champagne Flutes are the perfect drinking vessel. Made of  professional quality glass, they will display your cocktails beautifully.



So instead of dreading the potentially dreary oncoming autumn months, make the best of the season and enjoy it’s mouth-watering offerings with this selection of fruity treats!





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