Bonfire Night


Hopefully you remembered to put your clocks back last weekend (otherwise you were probably an hour early for work on Monday!)

Changing your clocks at this time of year means only one thing – the nights are drawing in and winter is on its way!

But before you even start fretting about the ever rapidly approaching festive season (yes I’ve mentioned it in October – sorry!), it’s time to start thinking about Bonfire Night next Tuesday!

We are all familiar with the iconic elements of Bonfire Night – wrapping up in scarves and gloves to fend off the chilly night air; the tempting aroma of sizzling burgers and onions; cradling a hot drink to warm up those frozen fingers; and of course huddling together to watch a spectacular fireworks display illuminated against the dark night’s sky.

people fireworks

Whether you are attending a huge public display in your local town or attempting to hold an impressive fireworks party at home (assuming you have some brave friends!) we have plenty of ideas to help your fireworks night go off with a bang!

Firecrackin’ Food

Barbecues aren’t just for the hot weather. If you’re going to be providing food, this could be the ideal method for offering simple, hot fare for your cold and hungry guests.

From actual BBQs to a vast selection of accessories related to cooking on one, you’ll find everything you could possibly need in our Outdoor Catering section.

Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ
Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ

To add some extra flavour to your barbecued meat, a great product is the SaferFood Solutions BBQ Basting Brush Dispensing System.

Not only is this tool convenient due to its brush being attached to the dispenser itself; the bristles of the brush are made of silicone which are less likely to become detached and end up in your food.

SaferFood Solutions BBQ Basting Brush Dispensing System
SaferFood Solutions BBQ Basting Brush Dispensing System

If you want to make your own burgers quickly and effectively, the Swift Original Hamburger Press is just the device to produce perfectly formed burgers!

By adding your chosen meat to the Press you can form properly constructed burgers that stay together, in the knowledge that they contain no unhealthy additives.

Swift Original Hamburger Press
Swift Original Hamburger Press

Dazzling Drinks

Whilst the kids are busy writing their names in the sky with their handheld sparklers, the adults can celebrate with their own version – the Champagne Sparkler Set!

Fitting onto the neck of any standard champagne bottle, these impressive sparklers will provide a truly explosive experience!

Champagne Sparkler Set
Champagne Sparkler Set

Providing beverage choices for a large amount of people can be challenging with so many varying tastes. Offer an assortment of drinks in a 3 Tier Drinks Dispenser to provide an attractive presentation of different coloured liquids – reminiscent of brightly coloured fireworks!

3-Tier Drinks Dispenser
3-Tier Drinks Dispenser

If you are entertaining more than a small group of friends and family, the Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe 20ltr is ideal for providing plentiful hot drinks to warm everyone up on a chilly evening – especially if you’re not standing right next to the bonfire!

Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe 20ltr
Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe 20ltr Accessories

Finally, to make the most of partying in the dark, take a look at our Glow In The Dark and Neon Party Accessories section for Glow Sticks, Glow Bracelets and a variety of neon glasses!

Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Tumbler
Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Tumbler

However you are celebrating Bonfire Night this year, make sure you stay safe and of course, have fun!




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