Cap-On Freeflow Pourer

Whether you are a bartender who is (literally!) juggling numerous drinks orders in a bustling bar, or someone at home providing drinks for their guests, being able to dispense liquids with ease will no doubt be a priority.

 There are many types of bottle pourer on the market but for the maximum in hygiene and convenience, look no further than the Cap-On Free Flow Pourer .

Fitting easily into the neck of most bottles, this spoutless polycork remains snugly inside, preventing evaporation and the possibility of contamination. The flow of liquid is precise and of a manageable medium fast speed.

The bottle cap can be screwed on with the pourer still inside the bottle, providing a high level of hygiene and convenience.


If you’ve been searching for a product to aid pouring functionality and that is sanitary to use, the Cap-On Free Flow Pourer could be just what you’re looking for!




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