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DIY: Make your own beer kegerator

Question: What’s better than beer? Answer: An chilled beer on tap! But there’s no need to head down to the pub, because you can make your own draft beer system at home! Robert Hess has made a video giving you

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Marshall Amp Mini Beer Fridge

Music and beer lovers rejoice! The Marshall Amp Mini Beer Fridge is perfect for the rock star in your life; it’s shaped just like a classic Marshall Amp and holds plenty of cans and bottles of beer! It features the authentic

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Taste Your Words with the Typewriter Cocktail Machine

What do you get if you cross a QWERTY keyboard with alcohol? No we’re not talking about a drunk work colleague sending inappropriate emails, but in fact the ingenious Typewriter Cocktail Machine. Designed by ‘Morskoiboy’ just for fun (like you

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The DareDroid Dress: A Cocktail Dress That Dispenses Cocktails

The cocktail dress; a staple fashion item in every girl’s wardrobe. However Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht, hacker Marius Kintel and sculptor Jane Tingley have taken things one step further with the DareDroid Dress. At first glance this dress could be mistaken

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BarBot Slot Machine

The BarBot combines two ultimate sins in one unique machine; it’s a gambling slot machine that dispenses alcohol when you win! Winner of a hacker competition, the creator NYC Resistor gave it a Fear and Loathing theme (very appropriate) and

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