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New: Kilner’s Preserving Jar and Hanging Spoon

Kilner Nation's Favourite Preserving Jar 400ml Small Featured Image

Enter, Kilner’s new Preserving Jars and Hanging Spoon!

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Finger Forks

Do you remember your parents instilling in you the rules for mealtime etiquette, and to always use your knife and fork properly? Break the rules and release your inner child by using these Finger Forks. You’ll feel like Wolverine (or

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James May’s Man Lab – Solving the Problem of Carrying Beer

It’s a problem many of us have faced during our lifetime – you’re out socialising down the pub with friends and it’s your turn to buy the round of beer. However, while you may be skilled enough to carry 3

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Geek your beer with the Android Kegerator

Beer and technology don’t often mix well…think inappropriate Facebook pictures and your phone drowned in a pint of beer. However, geeks can now rejoice with the invention of the Android Kegerator (not suitable for Apple users)! This Android tablet operated

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Whiskey in Space: It’s Out Of This World!

Whiskey, Scotland’s most famous export is being exported out of this world. Ardbury Distillery, located on the island of Islay has been producing whiskey since 1798, and have teamed up with US space research company called NanoRacks. The aim isn’t

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