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Lay Z Spa Vegas

Are you fed up of wrapping up against the dismal weather conditions, and are instead dreaming of balmy summer days? Cross your fingers & pray for a summer dry enough to enjoy a Lay Z Spa Vegas Inflatable Hot Tub

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drinkstuff products on Channel 4′s Gadget Man

If you’ve ever seen Gadget Man on Channel 4, you will have seen IT Crowd actor Richard Ayoade show viewers “the world of gadgets and new technology, covering everything from the everyday to the extraordinary!” In an episode entitled ‘The

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Hot Tubs and Films on the Roof? – Good uses for a Lay Z Spa No.1

Good uses for a  Lay Z Spa - Hot tub Cinema! “Hot tubs and cinemas together?” I hear you say. Well that’s the order of the day at London’s Hot Tub Cinema, a funky new endeavour that has popped up in various

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It’s Bank Holiday Barbeque Time!

Bank Holiday BBQ Ideas Summer is in full swing, the forecast is red-hot sun (with scattered showers!), the garden is green and the smell of the neighbour’s barbeque is wafting over your fence. It’s that time of year again; time

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Lay Z Spa on All Star Family Fortunes!

They say giving is better than receiving, but we’re rather jealous of the celebrity family who gets to win our Lay Z Spa on All Star Family Fortunes! Our Lay Z Spa Premium XL is being offered as a prize

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