Celebrate National Wine Day & English Wine Week with our Oenologue wine glasses!

With English Wine Week taking place from Saturday 24th May until Sunday 1st June, and National Wine Day being celebrated on Sunday 25th May,  it’s the perfect time for wine lovers to stock up on some new wine products to fully appreciate these special occasions!

As so aptly quoted on the official National Wine Day Facebook page: “One official day each year (24/5), and 364 unofficial days in-between”!


If you’re a wine connoisseur or just enjoy a glass every now and then, we have plenty of wine products to satisfy your needs, from Wine Glasses to Wine Racks; Wine Chillers to Wine Accessories; and Corkscrews to Bottle Stoppers & Pourers!


wine rack

Whilst we offer this vast array of diverse wine products, both celebratory wine events aren’t necessarily about quaffing as much wine as possible (as tempting as that may sound!) – they actually aim the focus on savouring and appreciating every sip of a variety of quality wines.

With this in mind, to celebrate in style you will need some elegant and high quality glassware to truly relish your wine drinking experience – especially if you plan on having your own wine tasting event at home!


Designed by world renowned wine specialist Dany Rolland, Arcoroc’s Chef & Sommelier Oenologue wine glass range offer you exceptional quality – with wine tasting as the primary function. They are made from Kwarx Advanced Glass which gives the glass a thin appearance and enhances the tasting experience, but are still strong and durable.


Oenologue Expert Wine Glasses 12.3oz / 350ml

oneologue 12.3


Oenologue Expert Wine Glasses 15.8oz / 450ml

oenologue 15


Oenologue Expert Wine Glasses 25.6oz / 730ml

oneologue 25


Oenologue Expert Wine Glasses 9.8oz / 280ml

oenologue 9


Oenologue Expert Wine Glasses 19.3oz / 550ml

oenologue 19


The glasses have a widened bowl to give the wine better aeration and give the taster the benefit of the most potent released aromas. The fine bowl construction produces no distorting magnifying effect, whilst the flat base causes no depressions in which water can gather after glasswashing.

Manufactured by Arc International as part of their premier Chef & Sommelier brand,  each piece is designed to give you the most from all of its varietals.

To help you get the most out of your Oenologue glasses, follow the guide below to help you match your wine to your glass:


 730ml   550ml   450ml   350ml   280ml   Flute 260ml 
Chardonnay X X X
Chenin Blanc X X X
Gewürztraminer X X X X X X
Marsanne X
Muscat X X X
Pinot Gris X X X
Riesling X X X
Roussanne X X
Sauvignon X X X
Sémillon X X X
Viognier X X
Cabernets X X
Carignan X X
Cinsault X X
Gamay X X
Grenache X X
Malbec X X
Merlot X X
Mourverdre X X
Nebbiolo X X
Pinotage X X
Pinot Noir X X X
Sangiovese X X
Syrah X X
Tempranillo X X
Zinfandel X X

Whether you are attending one of the many events to mark these wine themed celebrations or relaxing at home with a well deserved glass, it’s an ideal opportunity to invest in some high quality and durable glassware to really help you get the most out of your tasting sessions.

So make sure to enjoy some quality wine this National Wine Day and English Wine Week in your very own Oenologue wine glasses!





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