‘Cheers’ – Alcohol Aware Glowing Ice Cubes

Typically, how careful are with your alcohol consumption on a night out? Are you aware of how much you’re drinking and know to stop when you’ve exceeded your limits?

If you find it difficult to judge or have found yourself in potentially dangerous situations in the past, the solution could come in the form of these self-aware Cheers glowing ice-cubes:

The cubes respond to the vibes of the music in a bar by flashing. They act like a traffic light warning system and change colour depending on how much alcohol you have had to drink – starting off green, turning yellow as a caution to slow down, and red to show that you have reached your limit and should put your drink down.

The ice cubes are made with an LED, accelerometer and an infrared transmitter set in a mould with gelatine, forming a waterproof cube.

They were invented by MIT graduate Dhairya Dand, who experienced a scary incident at a party one night in which he was hospitalised for blacking out due to consuming too much alcohol.

Instead of just accepting that he should be more careful in future, Dhairya used the knowledge he had gained through being a student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (a university known for engineering and creativity) and chose to use his bad experience to help others avoid the same fate.

The cubes work due to the accelerometer motion data being used to calculate the number of sips taken. Along with the timer chip, the cubes can reliably guess how drunk you are.

If you refuse to stop drinking then the cubes will send a text using your smartphone to a close friend to inform them that you are dangerously intoxicated and need their help.

With the start of university term time fast approaching, freshers week will soon be in full swing and if the cubes become available on the market, they could be immensely useful for new freshers who feel pressured to drink too much to fit in with their peers.

As an eye-catching and innovative way to help people stay safe on a booze-fueled night out, the cubes may well be the way forward in monitoring and making sure everyone is more aware of their alcohol intake when out with friends.





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