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If you are a beer drinker you will no doubt be aware of the rising popularity of craft beer. But what exactly is craft beer and what’s the appeal?

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It can be somewhat difficult to define but essentially craft beer is made by smaller, independent and traditional brewers, as opposed to beer produced by the bigger brewery corporations. Fittingly it is known as “beer that is crafted instead of manufactured”.

The popularity of craft beer is proven in the sales figures, which represent a small but growing market sector. Sales have risen by 15% in the past year and are likely to increase rapidly as mainstream operators start to get involved. Several larger breweries have utilised the craft tag and created smaller scale breweries in-house.

As a result of the smaller scale production, those who enjoy craft beer feel that each glass gives a flavour that demonstrates the creativity and care that has gone into making it. Craft beer is thought of fondly by its millions of fans as something to be enjoyed and shared in moderation.

Some may also have strong community connections which can be popular with regulars who are keen to support their local area.

Due to the opportunity for experimentation that microbrewers have, craft beer also gives punters more opportunity to try different flavours and styles of craft beer – of which they might not have seen before or be able to obtain anywhere else.

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Spiegelau IPA Craft Beer Glass 19oz / 540ml

At drinkstuff we sell a number of Craft Beer Glasses, including Spiegelau IPA Craft Beer Glasses 19oz / 540ml which are designed for tasting and appreciating IPA – thus making them the ideal gift for aspiring beer sommeliers.

The attractive shape of this glass is not only for aesthetic effect. The lower half of the glass is rippled which provides more aeration than a conical beer glass, whilst the rounded top half of the glass has a narrow rim to help with head retention.

Being made from quartz silica crystal gives the glass a heightened purity and better clarity, ensuring that the colours created by an IPAs hops can be greater appreciated.

This Spiegelau IPA Glass is certainly a superior option in beer glassware and is the ideal piece to ensure full appreciation of the increasing popularity of craft beers.

Spiegelau IPA Craft Beer Glasses 19oz / 540ml


If you’re a fan of craft beer and wish to further your interest and enjoyment, there are some great festivals in the UK to attend:


London Craft Beer Festival

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The London Craft Beer Festival is held in August and aims to celebrate “great beers, passionate brewers, and the people who make London a great beer city!”

Twenty four breweries from London, the UK, Europe and the USA are on site to pour their best beers.

The creators of the London Craft Beer Festival state that: “The festival was born because we love the beer but so much great beer made in the UK doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Secondly, London deserves a truly world class festival. We love the London brewing scene and we want to couple that with event expertise to create something truly special.”


Craft Beer Rising

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Craft Beer Rising is Scotland’s biggest craft beer festival, held at the Drygate brewery Glasgow this September.

Attendees will have the opportunity to taste up to 200 beers from 45 local and international breweries. Entertainment comes in the form of live brewing demonstrations and music – plus you’ll be able to indulge in delicious street food!

The founder of Craft Beer Rising, Daniel Rowntree says:  “The city’s emerging craft beer scene is hugely exciting and is something that breweries from all over the world want to be a part of.”





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