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A Whiskey Concoction for Jack Friday

Every Friday this month of September is #JackFriday and Drinkstuff has celebrating by giving you some Jack Daniels cocktail recipes for you to enjoy on this fabulous day! On the first Friday of the month, the kind and generous people

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Apple Blow Fizz

Another apple cocktail for you today! Apples are the pinnacle of autumn!   Apple Blow Fizz A classy cocktail to rid the autumn blues Ingredients: 57 ml of Apple Brandy 20 ml of Lemon Juice 20 ml of Sugar Syrup

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Cider Shandy

What's a key flavour of autumn? Why apples of course. Cosy down with a warm cider shandy   Cider Shandy Shandy in the bus shelter? Please, this cocktail is way too classy for public transport Ingredients: 14 ml of Creme

All You Need For: A Girls Night In

Back for another week, All You Need For is telling you today everything you need for a perfect Girls Night In! So you think you have everything covered for your girls night in? Well think again.   Spring Flower Glass

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Apple Rye Punch

The festivities don't have to stop just because it's Autumn! Serve up this warming apple punch at your next event and have your guests glad it's a new chillier season!   Apple Rye Punch It's the season of apple eating

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Dirty Chai Toddy

For our first Autumn Inspired Blend of the season, I've chosen something that will warm you through and make the ache of summer disappear   Dirty Chai Toddy This classy yet delicate blend is sure to help you welcome autumn

A Summer Inspired Mix: Mocha Milkshake

I for one looove coffee and when I found this, I just had to share it with you all; a Mocha Milkshake!   Mocha Milkshake Enjoy a coffee flavoured milkshake this bank holiday weekend Ingredients: 85 g of Plain Chocolate

A Summer Inspired Mix: Peach Melba Smoothie

This fruity beaut of a cocktail smoothie will be perfect for a bank holiday weekend BBQ or party! Peach Melba Smoothie My mouth is watering just at the thought of drinking this Ingredients: 410 g of Canned Peach Halves 100

A Summer Inspired Mix: Elderflower, Lemon & Vanilla Cordial

Doesn't have an inventive name but does have a great taste!   Elderflower, Lemon & Vanilla Cordial If you love the flavour of Elderflower, you'll love sipping on this cocktail Ingredients: 1kg of Caster Sugar 2 Lemons 1 Vanilla Pod,

A Summer Inspired Mix: Vodka & Cranberry Blush

Blush with delight because this cocktail's tasty! Vodka & Cranberry Blush This looks chilled and refreshing! Yum! Perfect summer cocktail Ingredients: 200 ml of Vodka 200 ml of Cointreau 600 ml of Cranberry Juice 400 ml of Orange Juice Strips

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