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The Fireman

Tangy, dark and handsome, just how I like my fireman   The Fireman Rich, tangy and smooth. Just what you want from a fireman Ingredients: 40ml Captain Morgan Original Rum 20ml Lime Juice 10ml Grenadine 1 Egg White 1 Wedge

New Bar: The Botanist

It was only a matter of time before we were all drinking from watering cans. The Botanist, brain child of the New World Trading Co. and Living Venture, are taking the country by storm. Their new, chic and trendy style is

A Bucket Load of Food

Have you ever asked for a "bucket load of food" when you're starving? Well now in some restaurants, you can get just that! Particularly the restaurant chain, CAU are catching onto the American craze of serving up food such as

The Tom Dyer Pourer

By the professionals, for the professionals. The Tom Dyer Pourer promises no spillages... Already an essential part of a Mixologist's arsenal, this pourer will prove to be the best buy you've ever made. Endorsed and made in collaboration with Tom

National Scotch Day!

Cheer up! It's only Monday! Plus, it's National Scotch Day! Start your week the right way and celebrate in Scottish style! Grab a kilt, put on the bagpipe CD and throw a party to honor the famous Scottish drink of

Drinks and Stuff (24/7)

Welcome to the first weekly edition of Drinks and Stuff. We’ll be listing all the strange, novelty and great things in the world such new bar openings, odd glasses and cocktails, plus anything that we reckon you need to know!

It's a Weird and Wonderful World (24/7)

Welcome to the second edition of it's a weird and wonderful world! And boy has this week been curiously beautiful! Let's have a look shall we... 10. The Blind Pup and His Bumper The 13 year old pooch has cataracts

National Tequila Day!

Don your sombrero because today is Tequila day! Whether you’re a fan of the Mexican spirit or not, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this wonderful occasion whether licking salt from the back of your hand, downing a shot

Long Drink

The Long Drink (or Tall Drink) is an alcoholic mixed drink that has a large volume. It isn't stronger than a 'short drink', a common misconception, it just has more mixer. For example, a Long Drink cocktail would have more non-alcoholic

ISO Wine Tasting

ISO stands for International Organisation of Standardization. What makes their wine tasting glasses different to others is their specification. Their glasses are shaped like elongated eggs, supported on a stem and a base. The opening is narrow compared to the

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