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Coming Soon: Glass Teardrop Martini Stirrers

For those of you who like your Martinis stirred, not shaken. This gorgeous, elegant shaped stirrer might even make James Bond wonder if he should stir his Martini like everyone else! Curved at the end like a teardrop, this classy

Coming Soon: Glass Drinking Straws

Tired of plastic straws? Introducing the Glass Drinking Straws! Not only are these straws eco-friendly but they're also very stylish. Compared to your boring plastic straws, that always end up scrunched and ruined by the end of the night, these

Coming Soon: Giant Port Sippers

For the avid Port drinkers in the world. This one's for you! Designed to enable you to drink the bottom of the glass first, preventing the port from oxidising, this magical design not only looks like a work of art

Coming Soon: Aluminium Cream Whipper

Do you ever need to whip it? Whip it real good? Hot chocolates? Coffees? Irish Coffees and desserts? What's that one thing that makes them so much better? Oh yeah, whipped cream! Fed up with buying it or forgetting to

The Classic Cocktail Recipes

The Royalty of Cocktails and their recipes Most people know what goes into the classic cocktails and some know how to make them. But the majority of us have only ever heard of them. So here's a list of the classic

Cocktails for Gents

Stag do? Themed party? Black tie event? Have a bloke cocktail! Feel a little silly drinking bright pink cocktails when you're out? Never fear, there's a male alternative here! A few recipes of cocktails for gents with a sweet tooth

Coming Soon: Giant Margarita Glass

A glass made for sharing your Margaritas. They've finally made a glass that's big enough to share! There have been large glasses in the past but none that I felt okay sharing my Margarita in. This way, there's enough for

Coming Soon: Giant Champagne Flute

When thin, classic wine glasses just aren't enough. This over-sized novelty champagne glass is a great gift for avid wine lovers out there. It holds up to 900ml if filled to the brim - which is enough to fit the

Coming Soon: The Beer Boot with Handle

Why does my beer boot glass not have a handle? Now it can! The Novelty Beer Boot glass is already a great hit, so we've put a handle on it for better grip and enjoyment when drinking from it. Designed

New: Tiki Skull Glass

Because it isn't a glass cabinet without a Tiki Skull Glass Are you throwing a Tiki or Hawaiian themed party? Or are you looking for a cool novelty glass as a present for yourself or a friend? Well you've come

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