Entertaining gifts for Christmas!

With the end of November in sight, we all know that Christmas is just around the corner!

Whether you have felt it too early or not, you can’t have escaped the ubiquitous Christmas advertisements on TV and promotions in the shops that have been bombarding us since as early as  September. So if you haven’t been persuaded enough already to start purchasing unique gifts for your loved ones, here’s some ideas that may inspire you to part with your pennies.

Amongst the generic (and not exactly exciting!) pairs of socks and wash bag gift sets, it’s always fun to give presents that can keep everyone entertained during the post Christmas feast slump. By experimenting with this selection of drinks making kits you’ll impress your friends and family with your delicious creations!

Retro 3 in 1 Drinks Maker

The Retro 3 in 1 Drinks Maker provides you with the ability to whizz up a variety of delicious drinks, including frothy milkshakes, fruity smoothies and classy cocktails.

retro 3 in 1 drinks

Inspired by a 1950’s retro design, the stylish red metallic drinks maker will create an eye-catching chic display amongst the rest of your kitchen appliances.

Quick and easy to assemble, the machine features an interchangeable motor blade – plus a freezable liquid wall inside one of the two supplied cups so that your drinks are guaranteed to remain cold.

Enclosed are some recipe ideas, including methods for making deliciously frothy milkshakes by adding fruit, ice cream and milk!

Cocktail R-EVOLUTION Molecular Mixology Kit

If you know any budding Heston Blumenthals of the cocktail world, this  Cocktail R-EVOLUTION Molecular Mixology Kit will be the perfect gift to present to them on Christmas Day!

cocktail r evThose with a love for science and cocktail making can create unique and exciting recipes to thrill their friends with the impressive appearance (and taste!) of their new concoctions.

Inside the kit is an instructional recipe DVD and sachets of assorted gelatins and algaes required to produce tasty and quirky creations worthy of being presented in a classy cocktail bar!

 eKitch Cocktail Kit with App

If you’d rather leave the science stuff to Heston, how about trying this eKitch Cocktail Kit with App – ideal for experiencing being a professional mixologist at home!

i cocktail

Complete with a pro tool app for iPhone and Android – providing you with over 16,000 recipes to choose from – the pack also contains: a Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, Jigger Measure, Mixing Spoon, Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer and three flavoured syrups.

Perfect for anyone who loves technology and dabbling in the art of cocktail making!

 Flair Starter Set – White Edition with Showmanship DVD

If you’re a budding bartender or just fancy impressing your loved ones with your newly acquired bottle juggling skills, this Flair Starter Set – White Edition  with Showmanship DVD will be the perfect gift to get you started this Christmas.

flair starterIf you’re concerned that you won’t be quite as highly skilled as a bottle-flipping professional bartender, the kit comes complete with a shatterproof flair bottle – perfect for practising your technique! Also included is a Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker to help you to feel as accomplished as possible in your emerging talent!

An intermediate level training DVD  will teach you everything you need to know to develop great flair skills and how to put on a memorable show!

There’s no need to complain of boredom this festive season – get creative and enjoy making some delicious drinks!




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