Father’s Day and the World Cup 2014!



With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking of ways to make Dad feel special and appreciated this Sunday 15th June!

The obligatory (but boring) gift of new socks, or yet another practical tool kit are probably not doing much to inspire your hardworking Dad, so you’ll no doubt be looking for something to help him relax and enjoy the day.

If your Dad is a fan of football, then he’ll be in for a treat as Father’s Day conveniently falls a matter of days after the World Cup 2014 starts, giving him uninterrupted privileges to the games on TV (for one day at least!).

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By gifting your Dad with some beer glasses you’ll be able to join him in a pint whilst you watch the football together – after all, what’s more important than creating mutual memories with the old man on Father’s Day?!

For you to fully enjoy this time together, we have plenty of beer glasses available to suit a diverse range of tastes and styles – and to enhance your football watching experience too of course!

With options including Novelty Beer GlassesBranded Beer Glasses, and Craft Beer Glasses, there’s something to make all beer loving Dad’s very happy this Father’s Day!:


Beer Glasses to suit every Dad’s style:

Is your Dad a stickler for tradition? The classic handled beer mug is the ideal drinking vessel for replicating the pub experience at home – and with a vast selection of shapes and sizes of our Beer Mugs, Beer Steins & Tankards available he’ll have plenty to choose from!

traditional glass pint tankards
Traditional Glass Pint Tankards CE

The other classic British beer glasses used regularly in pubs are the Imperial Beer Glasses and English Beer Glasses – so if your Dad is set on recreating the experience of being at the pub in the comfort of his own home, this style of glass will create that illusion perfectly!

The type of glass most renowned within this category is the Tulip Pint Glass or Nonic Pint Glass – with the tulip shaped glass being most recognisable as the Guinness Pint Glass and for its standard use as an ale or porter beer glass.

guinness contemporary glasses gift box
Guinness Contemporary Pint Glasses Gift Box 20oz / 568ml

Does your Dad have a sense of fun, making him the perfect recipient for a quirky glass gift?  We have a whole range of Novelty Beer Glasses including the Sexy Torso Beer Glass 2.5 Pint, the Frosty Mug 14.1oz / 400ml and the Giant Glass Beer Boot 3.5 Pint!

giant glass beer boot
Giant Glass Beer Boot 3.5 Pint

For a slightly more sophisticated way for your Dad to enjoy his beer, treat him to some Stemmed Beer Glasses and Beer Goblets. After all, why shouldn’t your Dad toast each goal scored with a stylish European beer glass?

There is a wide range to choose from, including varying shapes and sizes of goblets and chalices – plus the Dartington Three Cheers for Beers! Craft Beer Glasses Gift Set which would make an ideal Father’s Day gift!

dartington three cheers for beers high res bigger
Dartington Three Cheers for Beers! Craft Beer Glasses Gift Set

Gift ideas for the football loving Dad:

To truly get Dad in soccer supporting spirit we have some novelty football related products, plus some Dad-appropriate gifts, including: a Frostbite Mini Fridge Silver, Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser 5 Pint and 100 Pub Beer Mats in a Box!


frostbite silver
Frostbite Mini Fridge Silver

Your Dad will also be prepared for all upcoming England games if you gift him with one of our England football themed products.

These include the England Flag, Ultimate England Beer Bong FunnelEngland Paper Cups 9.4oz / 266mlEngland Football Pint Glasses, and the St George’s Car Nose!

england football glass
England Football Pint Glass


With four World Cup games to choose from on Sunday 15th June, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to position yourselves in front of the TV with a beer (or four!) and toast each game!


Football Ivory Coast v Japan                 02:00  ITV / ITV HD


Football Switzerland v Ecuador             17:00  ITV / ITV HD

Football France v Honduras                   20:00  BBC1 / BBC1 HD


Football Argentina v Bos-Herce             23:00  BBC1 / BBC1 HD

World Cup TV


Amongst all of the excitement of another fast-paced World Cup match,  don’t forget to not only give cheers for the goals scored, but to also toast a beer to your Dad – after all, Father’s Day is all about him!

Cheers Dad!




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