Finger Forks

Do you remember your parents instilling in you the rules for mealtime etiquette, and to always use your knife and fork properly?

Break the rules and release your inner child by using these Finger Forks. You’ll feel like Wolverine (or his slightly less intimidating accomplice) in no time!


Made of stainless steel and easy to attach to your finger, these unique little utensils are actually more multi-purpose than you might first imagine.

Ideal as an eccentric novelty gadget to aid eating finger food at a buffet – or for little (and big) kids to pretend they are a ferocious beast that can spear food with its claws – the Finger Fork could also be a more practical option for those with dexterity problems in their hands who find holding a conventional knife and fork difficult.


finger forks


Available on, these nifty little tools should create quite a talking point, whatever you decide to use them for!




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