Football Season 2013 Party

Celebrate the start of the football season this Saturday with a themed party!

With the 2013 football season upon us, it’s time to get your mates round for a get-together in support of your favourite teams.

We don’t like to encourage excessive drinking of course, but it is probably safe to assume that you will be consuming alcohol at your event (in celebration or commiseration depending on how your team is performing!) so we have selected some of the best football related drinking and entertainment products available at to help you to score the greatest party possible.

However you are planning to mark the upcoming events, you’ll be sure to want some novelty items to keep your guests entertained in between play.

Regardless of whether your team are winning or losing, you can feel like the eternal champion with the drinkstuff Football Trophy Beer Glass.  With the capacity to hold 90cl of beer, you won’t be going thirsty any time soon!


If it’s an England game you’re watching, you’ll no doubt want to show your support in every way possible – even when drinking your favourite beverage. The England Paper Cups will help you to be patriotic and raise a toast to our boys!


If you remember playing Subbuteo as a child then you will appreciate these England Subbuteo Pint Glasses adorned with a little Subbuteo man in his England kit.  Printed with the text: “More than just a game! Come on England!” you can support the team every time you take a gulp of your drink. After all, chanting ‘Come on England!” for a whole game is thirsty work!

In between matches you’ll probably want to keep entertained without leaving the comfort of your own home (or risk missing a moment of the action!) Playing Table Football is the ideal way to relax and release the pent-up tension from watching the latest nail biting game.


If you’re looking for a novel way to drink your beer  (and support the England team in the process,) then the Ultimate England Beer Bong Funnel is the perfect accessory.  The Beer Bong holds up to two and a half pints so will provide plenty of excitement in between the games!


We all know that football has the power to unite fans in the experience of cheering on their preferred teams, so why not take advantage of the upcoming season and get your mates round for a booze (and fun) fuelled party with the help of these awesome products!




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