Frucosol Glass Froster

Just like being served steaming hot food on a cold plate, it can spoil the satisfaction of a chilled drink if it is served in a warm glass straight from the dishwasher. When you need your thirst to be quenched, particularly on a humid day, there is nothing better than sipping from an icy cold glass of your favourite beverage.

Having your refreshing drink served in a cool glass shouldn’t be too big an expectation,  but add to that a glass that is so cold it emits an intriguing and mystical icy mist, and you have yourself a glass that has been frozen with the Frucosol Glass Froster.

The Frucosol Glass Froster freezes any glass within seconds using a forceful jet of CO2, which is dispensed every time you push down on the top of the froster. Luminous coloured lights flash from the froster head and strobe through the mist it releases, creating a dazzling display to entertain your customers.

Not only will your glasses have a frosted appearance, they will also be sterilised from the cooling process that occurs. This won’t interfere with the flavour of your drinks or cause them to taste watered down which is likely to happen with ice. The temperature and carbonation of drinks is also not compromised.

As stated by the manufacturer themselves, the Frucosol Glass Froster could be their “simplest machine yet” as it does not require any electrical connection, making it portable and convenient.

The innovative new machine is already making quite an impact on the market, so to be a part of the excitement that is building for this  remarkable product, check out the Frucosol Glass Froster on




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