Gin – Balloon Glasses

With 2014 apparently being the ‘Year of Gin’, it’s no surprise that we’ve got a stylish range of glasses to help you keep up to date with this popular trend!

The popularity of gin has grown over the last couple of years, with sales in pubs up by 12 per cent. Gin bars have been opening up all over the country; partly due to a well documented ‘gin revolution’ in London.

Of course gin was once considered an old man’s drink, but is now much more appealing to a wider range of customers. Its attractiveness is due to the versatility and limitless cocktail options it has – including being able to use it with various ingredients to create beautifully layered drinks.

Gin cocktail in our Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glass


Seen as quintessentially English, gin is a potent spirit made by distilling rye or grain spirits.

Aromatic flavours such as juniper berries, anise, caraway seeds and angelica root can be added; with each gin produced having its own ‘house style’ depending on the recipe.


The most popular way for gin to be consumed is with the addition of tonic. The Gin & Tonic is considered a British institution – despite gin actually being invented by a Dutch professor of medicine!

Just like gin itself, gin and tonics were originally created for medicinal purposes – primarily to fight against malaria in the 1800s. It was found that quinine (which is an ingredient in tonic water) was beneficial in ridding people of the disease, but because the tonic itself didn’t taste too appetising, gin was added to encourage British officers based in the East to drink it.

The taste of a Gin & Tonic is pleasantly bitter, but with the addition of a slice of lime, the drink becomes a refreshing beverage for a hot summer’s day!


Alongside the popularity of the spirit itself, there is also a trend for serving gin in balloon glasses. The large balloon shape of the bowl allows for aromas to linger and the gin itself is kept cold due to the long stem of the glass.

We have a fantastic selection of balloon glasses ideal for serving up gin cocktails, including:


Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glasses 585ml



Michelangelo Masterpiece Burgunder Glasses 500ml



Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses 580ml


Alternato Wine Glasses 540ml


There’s never been a better time to broaden your drinking habits! With gin no longer having such negative connotations, you can sip your G&T in the knowledge that gin is seen as a classier sort of beverage, and join in with the gin revolution!