Hard Milkshakes!

Guzzling a milkshake with a burger and fries is one of those simple pleasures we all enjoyed as children.

Now though, milkshakes aren’t quite so innocent. With the addition of alcohol they have become a whole new indulgence for adults!


A few weeks ago, on cookery chat show Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer sampled these alcoholic milkshakes called ‘hard shakes’.

hard shakes

You can create your own using recipes from yummly.com and serve them in some of our milkshake related products, such as these:

Milkshake Soda Glass

milkshake soda glass


 Traditional School Milk Bottles

milkshake bottles


 Pink Paper Cup Milkshake Cup

milkshake kit


Childhood sweet treat mixed with alcohol – a perfectly delicious combination!




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