Kwak Glasses

If you’ve ever experienced Kwak beer, you may have wondered why it is served in such an obscure glass inside a wooden stand.

With its spherical base extending upwards to form a funnel shape, you could be mistaken for believing that the quirky, recognisable design of the Kwak glass just has the purpose of creating aesthetic appeal and attracting attention; but there is a historical story behind the origins of the Kwak glass presentation.

The glass gets its name from Pauwel Kwak, a brewer and the owner of an inn in Brussels in the 18th to 19th centuries.  The innovative proprietor chose to assist coachmen who couldn’t leave their coach and horses unattended when they visited his establishment; unlike his regular punters who could enjoy their beverages inside the inn.

Aware of this predicament, Kwak invented a glass that could be suspended on the side of the coach to allow coachmen to enjoy their drink without having to leave the vehicle and its horses  – and the Kwak glass was born!

The Kwak beer itself is Belgian and has a mild fruit infused taste and scent –primarily of banana and liquorice. The concoction is deep amber in colour and has a creamy head.

For your very own Kwak style glass, drinkstuff offers you this alternative – the Glass Quarter Yard of Ale with Stand.


Our Glass Quarter Yard of Ale with Stand – made of borosilicate glass and birchwood – can hold 2/3 of a pint and will provide the ideal vessel for drinking games involving downing the yard as fast as you possibly can!

The perfect replica for a Kwak glass, our Glass Quarter Yard of Ale with Stand is made with quality and style in mind – you won’t be able to tell the difference!




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