Make your own pumpkin keg for Halloween!

With Halloween fast approaching, you will no doubt be conjuring up inventive ways to make the autumnal season as fun and spooktacular as possible!

Perhaps you have eerie fake spider webs adorning your ceiling (and no, not just because you haven’t dusted in the last six months!), spine-chilling skeletons suspended from the ceiling or ghoulish decorations secreted around your home in the hope of creeping out your guests – but have you thought about presenting something quirky and original to set your Halloween party apart from all the rest?

With this in mind, why not try making your own pumpkin keg?

This innovative and effective idea not only provides you with an appropriate Halloween themed talking-point at your party  but is also something intriguingly different to serve your beer in!

Follow these instructions from – all you’ll need is a large pumpkin, a pen, a knife and a keg tap. Simple!


 1. Draw around the very top of the pumpkin to indicate where you want the keg’s lid to be. These marks will provide you with a guide so that you know where to make  the  incisions  with your knife (perhaps a  circular or jagged design). Make sure the hole you are cutting is big enough to fit your hand in.


 2. Remove all of the innards from the pumpkin – being careful to get rid of all of the seeds so that it doesn’t clog the spigot once  you fill up the pumpkin keg. Be conscious that the amount of pumpkin ‘guts’ that you leave inside will effect the taste of your  beer or  whatever beverage you serve.


 3. Decide where you would like the keg tap to be attached – preferably in the bottom third of the pumpkin. Draw around the spigot stem so that you know how big to make the hole for insertion. (Be aware that if you make the hole too big the keg may leak!). Press the spigot into the hole to attach.


4. Once you have tested the keg for leakages, remove the lid and fill the pumpkin up with your desired beverage. You can now use the pumpkin just like any beer keg!



Happy Halloween!





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