Chip Week 2014!

chip week

Did you know that Monday 17th February to Sunday 23rd February is Chip Week? Probably not, but it’s a great excuse to indulge in some fries with your dinner (guilt-free of course!).

As stated on the official Chip Week website: “Whether it’s straight, chunky, crinkly or wedges, Britain just can’t get enough of the delicious potato delight.”

In honour of this occasion, find all of the tableware you could possibly need to serve up a delicious portion of chips  in the Chip Baskets, Chip Cones and Chip Buckets section of!


Check out a few examples of what we offer here:

Chip Baskets

Choose from an assortment of classic stainless steel chip baskets, such as:

Stainless Steel Serving Fry Basket Round 9.3 x 9cm 

Designed for food presentation (and not for actually cooking your chips in!) this miniature Stainless Steel Serving Fry Basket Round 9.3 x 9cm is ideal for creating a gastropub look in your own home or in a restaurant.


fry basket


Mini Chrome Fryer Serving Basket 12.5 x 10 x 8.5cm

The ideal size for serving up a portion of chips, this Mini Chrome Fryer Serving Basket 12.5 x 10 x 8.5cm creates a unique and distinctive presentation on your table.


serving basket

Chip Cones

Vertigo Appetizer Cone with Two Ramekins

The Vertigo Appetizer Cone with Two Ramekins is made of black powder coated metal in the shape of a cone – producing a quirky and attractive design to present your chips in. The cone features a ramekin attached to each side so that you can serve your chips up with a selection of two sauces!


vertigo chip cone


 Artisan Appetizer Cone

A slightly more intricate design than the previous cone shaped chip holder, this Artisan Appetizer Cone has an elegant black finish and will blend in with any other sophisticated and eye-catching tableware. Line with Grease Resistant Cone Liners.

artisan chip cone


Chip Tubs / Baskets

Tubtrugs MicroTubs Red

These super flexible polyethylene Tubtrugs MicroTubs Red are quirky and bring a fun, colourful element to the presentation of your chips. Whilst the mini tubs can also be used to present other foods, we think they are perfect for holding a delicious portion of chips!

tubtrugs chip



Stainless Steel Premium Serving Bucket 10.5cm

This Genware Stainless Steel Premium Serving Bucket 10.5cm is the ideal size for a serving of chips, and is made of high quality stainless steel for an attractive presentation.

stainless steel chip bucket



Chip Cups

Stainless Steel Appetizer Cup

Providing a modern appearance with asymmetric shape, this Stainless Steel Appetizer Cup gives you plenty of room to fill it up with a generous portion of fries! The slightly more formal design is suitable for use in restaurants and bars.

chip cup


 Falcon Enamel Mug White

Whilst you may expect to only use this Falcon Enamel Mug White to serve up a cocktail or hot drink, they are also ideal for serving up food due to their rigid heavyweight steel construction and thick enamel finish for added durability.

Serving chips inside of them has been seen in gastropubs and bars, and makes for a stylish and unexpected presentation.

falcon mug chips


* * *

So whether you treat yourself to some fish and chips or a portion of fries to accompany your burger, make sure you honour this lesser known but fun celebration over the course of the next week!





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