National Cupcake Week!

Today is the start of National Cupcake Week!

Lasting up until Sunday 22nd September, the event is held to raise money for CLIC Sargent and promote bakery businesses to encourage sales.

Alongside National Cupcake Week, there is a competition held annually called the National Cupcake Championships. This allows those in the cupcake industry to demonstrate their talents and have a shot at winning the coveted professional competition.

Whether you have your own business that you’re trying to endorse, or you just want to get involved in making some sweet treats in honour of the occasion, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and raise some money for a  hugely deserving charity.

To impress, you will of course need to stock up on some tools to help you to achieve the perfect cupcake, so look no further than the baking supplies section at drinkstuff!

We have a great selection of mixing bowls to get you started, ranging from stainless steel Swedish Mixing Bowls to stylish Mason Cash Mixing Bowls.

Mason Cash Hearts Mixing Bowl Pink

You won’t want to cut corners and risk ruining your recipes by being inaccurate with quantities, so investing in some Mason Cash Measuring Spoons and Mason Cash Measuring Cups will be well worth your time and money.

Or how about using these Genware Kitchen Scales, an ideal product for helping you to weigh out your ingredients correctly.

Genware Kitchen Scales

Once all of the components to your recipe have been precisely measured out, you will need some utensils to aid in creating the perfect consistency  for your cupcake batter.

To keep your mixture light and airy, you’ll need a Balloon Whisk or Kitchen Aid Food Mixer – the ideal tools to accomplish this.

Kitchen Aid Food Mixer

At this point, all of your ingredients should be well combined, so these spatulas will be very useful in aiding easy transition of the mixture into your cupcake baking tray.

Mason Cash Elite Beech Spatula with Silicone Blade

After waiting for your cupcakes to bake in the oven, the next step will be to top them with icing and decorate.

To achieve that professional swirl effect, you will need a piping bag and some different sized and shaped nozzles. We have a variety of Icing Sets for you to choose from to help you create striking designs, from large swirls to small intricate detail.

Swift 32 Piece Deluxe Bakers Icing Set

If you’re looking to produce something more indulgent than the average cupcake, how about filling yours with buttercream or jam? You can easily remove the middle of the cakes with this Swift Easy Cupcake Corer and Filler, and then use it to fill each one with your chosen filling.

Swift Easy Cupcake Corer & Filler

Now that your cupcakes have been lovingly decorated, you may wish to display them or need to transport them to the venue of your National Cupcake Week event.

For safe transportation and attractive display, the Sweetly Does It Decorative Wire Cupcake Carrier makes for an ideal way to carry your creations.

Sweetly Does It Decorative Wire Cupcake Carrier

We have an extensive selection of cupcake stands to choose from, perfect for showing off your sugary delights.

From standard Cupcakes Stands to more quirky styles such as this Sweetly Does It Cupcake Tree or the Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder, there is an option to suits everyone’s tastes.

Sweetly Does It Spiral Cupcake Tree

If you’re taking part in National Cupcake Week, we hope you have lots of fun baking and raising money for charity – and if you’ve entered the competition, we wish you the best of luck!






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