National Lemonade Day!

national lemonade day

It’s time to put down your alcoholic tipple of choice as National Lemonade Day is on Wednesday 20th August!

This celebration is great news for this time of year as there can surely be nothing better than enjoying a refreshing glass of cold lemonade on a scorching summer’s day!


The ever-growing fashion for using Mason jars as drinking glasses at rustic themed events is an ideal way to serve up a glass of  cloudy lemonade to get guests into the summer party spirit.

Here at drinkstuff we have a number of drinking jars perfect for keeping up with this popular trend, including our bar@drinkstuff Mason Drinking Jar Glasses:


bar@drinkstuff Mason Drinking Jar Glass 20oz / 568ml

Or how about this Yorkshire Chalkboard Mason Drinking Jar, which comes complete with a little chalkboard design on the front to label your lemonade creation:

Yorkshire Chalkboard Mason Drinking Jars 24oz

Yorkshire Chalkboard Mason Drinking Jars 24oz

We even have these Libbey Drinking Jars which have been featured on UK Big Brother!:

Drinking Jars 16.5oz / 490ml

Drinking Jars 16.5oz / 490ml

In keeping with the rustic theme, why not serve the lemonade from a drinks dispenser? We have a variety of stylish modern and vintage looking dispensers to choose from, such as this Hexagonal Glass Drinks Dispenser with Stand:


Hexagonal Glass Drinks Dispenser with Stand 197oz / 5.6ltr

Or for a more contemporary style, why not go for this On Ice Drinks Dispenser?:

On Ice Drinks Dispenser 10 Pint

On Ice Drinks Dispenser 10 Pint


Of course lemonade doesn’t just have to be consumed as a soft drink – the addition of alcohol can make for a very tasty tipple!

Check out Victoria Chapman’s article over on her blog for a simple vodka and lemonade recipe using our very own bar@drinkstuff Mason Drinking Jar Glasses!

mason victoria

Victoria Chapman enjoying a vodka and lemonade in our bar@drinkstuff Mason Drinking Jar Glass!


Happy National Lemonade Day!



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