National Picnic Month

Did you know that August is National Picnic Month? Nor did we, but it’s a great excuse to get outside and enjoy what’s left of the sunshine for this year, before those gloomy Autumn/Winter months creep in.

To celebrate, what could be more perfect than gathering together a group of friends to relax on a blanket in the park, surrounded by delicious food and drinks.

If your first thoughts when it comes to a picnic are of flimsy paper plates, plastic cutlery and bothersome wasps swarming around then think again. Admittedly we can’t do anything about the wasps, but we can help you to have a feast that is a bit more special than the average picnic.

If it’s a celebratory occasion and you’re serving wine or champagne, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to keep it cool, especially if it’s a hot day.

For a stylish and portable way to transport chilled bottles to your desired venue, the brightly coloured Ice Bag (available in 6 different colours) is the ideal method.

By filling the plastic bag with freezing water and ice you’ll be able to keep your drinks suitably cold for serving to your parched companions.

With your bottle cooling nicely in its trendy Ice Bag you’ll need some equally striking and functional glasses to enjoy your chilled wine to its full potential.

The Flamefield Acrylic Party Wine Glasses 10oz / 290ml meet these criteria entirely.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing with their brightly coloured stems, they are perfect for packing into a picnic hamper due to being break resistant and lightweight.

Once your drinks are sorted, it’s time to delve into the hamper for the edible treats. We all know how impractical paper plates can be, so how about trying something a bit sturdier – and classier?

These durable Round Woven Wooden Bowls will hold your food much more effectively, no matter the consistency of your coleslaw or marinated chicken.

Featuring an eye-catching woven design, the chequered pattern incorporates different hues of coloured wood and makes for a stylish service – even if you are sitting on the grass in the middle of a park instead of being seated at a posh restaurant!

In keeping with the wooden theme, and being conscious of the flimsy nature of plastic cutlery, a great alternative is to use wooden knives and forks; in particular the Birchwood Disposable Knives and Forks .

Not only are they robust and appear more sophisticated than their plastic counterparts, these specific wooden utensils are eco-friendly and will biodegrade within months of disposal.

Despite these plentiful benefits you may still be concerned by the risk of splinters from potentially rough edges. Fortunately the quality of these products is not just aesthetic – the smooth finish to the wood also aids comfort of use, leaving you splinter-free!

Once the ‘main course’ of your picnic cuisine has been consumed, surely it’s only right to finish off the afternoon with a sweet treat?

If you’re able to keep a tub of ice-cream cold (and solid!) inside a cooler bag, these plastic Coolmovers Sherbet Ice Cream Serving Dishes would be ideal for serving up your frozen dessert; or even to present mixed berries or chopped tropical fruits.

Coming in a set of green, yellow, light and dark pink, they will add a splash of colour to everyone’s favourite course!

So grab a blanket, your packed hamper and a few of your closest friends, and head for a (hopefully sunny!) picnic this weekend in aid of National Picnic Month!




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