National Rum Punch Day

Following on from National Rum Day on August 16th, today is National Rum Punch Day!

You may have also been aware that yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day – (arr shiver me timbers, of course ye were mateys!) – so it fits quite nicely that today’s date should respect the consumption of the pirate’s favourite tipple.

In fact, rather conveniently it’s also National Punch Day today – the omission of rum meaning even more of an excuse for sampling some different fruity punches!

However, whilst the word punch means ‘five’ – originating from the fact that the traditional punch recipe consists of five ingredients (alcohol, water, tea, lemon and sugar) – it’s not an excuse to indulge in five bowls’ worth!

The addition of these five ingredients is included in a rhyme: “One part sour, two of sweet; three of strong and four of weak.”

Literally translated, a recipe can be deciphered, comprising of:

  • One part sour (lime juice)
  • Two parts sweet (sugar or simple syrup)
  • Three parts strong (usually a good, dark rum)
  • Four parts weak (water, ice)
  • Sometimes two dashes of Angostura bitters are added to the top

Originating in the 1570’s, punches conquered the cocktail world through the late 17th to the mid nineteenth century. They were initially concocted after English travellers in India mixed spirits with native spices and fruits. This blend was then brought back over to Europe and sold to the upper classes who could afford the expensive ingredients.

At drinkstuff we have an array of Punch Bowl designs to serve your delicious punch recipes in, from Stainless Steel Punch Bowls, to Crystalware Punch Bowls and Punch Bowl Sets that include a ladle and punch cups.

LSA Serve Punch Bowl Set

To serve, we  have the iconic LSA Serve Punch Bowl Cups; or for a quirky effect, we have some large novelty glasses like the LSA Midi Wine Glass – perfect as a decorative centrepiece!

LSA Midi Wine Glass

If you’re craving that holiday feeling, you can inject more of an exotic feel by serving up your punch inside a stunning Hurricane Glass, and decorate it with some fun cocktail decorations!

Hurricane Cocktail Glass

If you are holding a larger event or party, a drinks dispenser could be the ideal way for your guests to help themselves to a glass (or two!) of fruity punch. For a more traditional display, the Glass Drinks Dispenser With Stand will add an elegant touch; and for a more modern style to catch your guests’ attention, serve up your punch from a Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser:

Drinks Orb Beverage Dispenser

Indulge in some mouthwatering punch recipes this weekend, and have a Happy National Rum Punch Day!





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