National Tequila Day

national tequila day


In honour of National Tequila Day on Thursday 24th July, we want to celebrate all things that are good about tequila (if consumed in moderation of course…)

For most of us, our knowledge of our favourite drink probably doesn’t go much beyond whether we like the taste or not, but if you are a tequila drinker there’s plenty to learn about your favoured tipple!


Tequila is often associated with some negativity – most people have got a story to tell from a night of too much  tequila, and memories of the hangover that followed (that was so bad they probably swore off alcohol forever!).

However, delve a little deeper and you realise that this bad reputation is mostly down to the way that people drink tequila – after all, the most popular way for it to be consumed is from a shot glass, which is unlikely to be sipped and savoured. Slamming shot after shot of tequila is a surefire way to suffer the consequences of a terrible hangover!

well played tequila


It is also important to consider the quality of the tequila that you drink – the highest quality being 100% Agave, which will be noted on the label. Under Mexican law, tequila must be made from only the blue Weber agave plant from the Tequila region in the state of Jalisco.

In contrast, tequila in the US contains as much as 49% other liquids, including sugar-based alcohols – ultimately meaning that you are mixing alcohol when you drink it (which will only add to the negative after effects!).


So now you know how to drink the stuff, here’s some good things to know about tequila!:


 1. It makes tasty ice cream!



2. It comes in some interesting bottles…

tequila skull bottle








3. You can cook with tequila!

Tequila Lime Shrimp anyone?

tequila lime shrimp









4. Tequila could be good for your health!

Researchers have found that agavins can help lower blood glucose levels for those suffering from type 2 diabetes as well as help the obese to lose weight.

tequila weight-loss







5. Tequila makes you happy!

Remember back in the 90’s there was a song called Tequila by a band called Terrorvision?

There could be some truth in their lyrics about tequila making you happy – tequila, unlike other types of alcohol, is not a depressant. It actually activates the nervous system when consumed (in moderation of course!).












With all of these facts no doubt having convinced you to slowly sip and appreciate a glass of (100% agave!) tequila in celebration of National Tequila Day, we have a vast array of shot glasses for you to choose from, including:


City Shot Glasses 2.8oz / 80ml

city shot glass
City Shot Glasses 2.8oz / 80ml

Classico Shot Glasses 2.5oz / 70ml

classico tequila glass
Classico Shot Glasses 2.5oz / 70ml


Or how about making some tequila based margaritas in one of our many margarita glasses?:

Cactus Margarita Glasses 12.5oz / 355ml

cactus margarita glass
Cactus Margarita Glasses 12.5oz / 355ml

Capri Margarita Glasses 10.7oz / 305ml

Capri Margarita Glasses 10.7oz / 305ml
Capri Margarita Glasses 10.7oz / 305ml


 Happy National Tequila Day to all!





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