New luxury bar@drinkstuff products

Introducing our new luxury bar@drinkstuff products!

All made from high quality stainless steel, they come in the form of UK First  cocktail shakers, UK First wine coolers,  UK First party tubs, UK First wine racks,  UK First coasters and a UK First dine@drinkstuff cake stand.

You can explore the whole collection in the bar@drinkstuff category of the drinkstuff website, but here’s a taster of what you can expect from this eclectic and stylish new range!:

Cocktail Shakers

All of the luxury stainless steel cocktail shakers are 3-piece cobbler shakers, so are perfect for home use. Included is a diverse range of classic styles decorated with intricate detail – the most eye-catching being the quirky Aeroplane Cocktail Shaker!

areoplane shakerareo shaker

Wine Coolers

Amongst the varied range of styles of wine cooler is the Stainless Steel Tall Wine & Champagne Bucket on Stand – an all-in-one free-standing champagne bucket, perfect for use in a restaurant or bar.


tall champagne bucket standtall champ bucket ice

Party Tubs

Ideal for chilling multiple bottles at a party or BBQ, there is a varied selection of party tubs on offer – the most striking being the Orange Party Tub with Stand, due to its vibrant colour.

orange party tubnew garden orange party tub


Most of the tubs are fairly versatile and some, such as the Double Walled Stainless Steel Party Tub, are perfect for use in night club VIP areas…

double wall tubdouble walled party tub


…whilst the high quality polished appearance of the Stainless Steel Oval Party Tub Diamond Design makes them ideal for placement in up-market establishments.

diamond tuboval tub diamond

Wine Racks

The new range includes a couple of stylish wine racks; both with modern and quirky designs to create an eye-catching feature in your home.

The Aluminium Curved 6 Bottle Wine Rack has a sophisticated curved shape and will fit 6 wine bottles in its circular spaces.

Alternatively, the Spoon & Fork 9 Bottle Wine Rack is a high quality item with a novelty twist. Shaped like an over-sized knife and spoon, the wine rack will hold 9 of your bottles of wine, and is ideal placed in any home or bar.

Aluminium Curved 6 Bottle Wine Rack                                    Spoon & Fork 9 Bottle Wine Rack

alum curved rackspoon and fork wine rack



These stylish Stainless Steel Crocodile Etched Coasters will add a touch of vintage class to your home or bar decor. A detailed crocodile print features on the reflective surface; whilst a soft felt back provides protection for whatever surface you place it on.

croc etch coasterglass croc coaster

Cake Stand

Tea, cakes, sandwiches,  champagne – what’s not to like about afternoon tea? The polished Stainless Steel 3 Tier Beaded Cake Stand has a stylish beaded design surrounding its edge, and is the perfect item for the growing popularity with afternoon tea service.

bead cake standbead cake stand food


Stainless Steel Effects:

Whilst currently not sold as sets, most of the new products have similar effects and intricate patterns on their stainless steel surfaces. Pair them up together to start your own collection!

Crocodile effect

Detailed etched designs cover the exterior to replicate the textured appearance of crocodile skin.

Stainless Steel Crocodile Etched Shaker                       Deluxe Crocodile Cocktail Shaker

Crocodile Cocktail Shaker                                                   Crocodile Etched Ice Bucket


Hammered Dimple effect

The effect on these items is created with a hammer to produce a dimpled appearance.

Hammered Dimple Effect Cocktail Shaker       Double Walled Hammered Dimple Ice Bucket



                                  Double Walled Hammered Dimple Effect Wine Cooler                                                           
* * *
Check out all of the new items in the luxury stainless steel product line, and benefit from our high quality and stylishly designed offerings!







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