An Autumn Inspired Blend: Kimchi Bloody Mary

Fancy something a bit different? Love a Blood Mary? Well try this spiced up Kimchi Bloody Mary, sure to get the juices flowing!   Kimchi Bloody Mary It may not be the simplest but the work is worth it in

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Red Grape & Coconut Refresher

Grapes and coconuts - in the autumn? Oh yes! This cocktail will show you just why that works!   Red Grape and Coconut Refresher Just because it's autumn doesn't mean the cocktails have to be any less fruity and colourful!

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Gaelic Punch

Wow your guests with this whiskey punch!   Gaelic Punch Everyone will want the recipe for this beaut once you've served it up at your next party Ingredients: Pinch of freshly grated Nutmeg, for garnish 3/4 Cup of Demerara or

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Green with Envy

Apples and green tea, what a tasty concoction!   Green with Envy If it was a green and we were a wicked witch, this would be the perfect brew! Ingredients: 1/2 Large Green Apple, seeded and chopped (plus 1 apple

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Cranberry Spice Cocktail

Cranberries are the pinnacle of autumn, so let's put them in a cocktail!   Cranberry Spice Cocktail Cider and cranberries, now we're talking! Ingredients: 1 Orange Wedge 13 Cranberries Three 1-inch pieces of crystalised Ginger - 2 minced and 1

Bonfire Night: Explosive Cocktails

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see the no reason, why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot – excuse yourself after the nth cocktail though! Happy Bonfire Night fellow firework lovers and bonfire starters! As

An Autumn Inspired Blend: Pear Sour

Apples are so summer! Pears and Autumn go together like a delicious cocktail! Never forget the pears!   Pear Sour Brandy and pears go together like cheese and crackers! Ingredients: Ice 57 ml of Pear Brandy 57 ml of Pear

An Autumn Inspired Blend: English Harvest

Here's a proper cocktail that will have you singing Oh Britannia this autumn!   English Harvest Bring autumn and England together! Ingredients: Ice 28 ml of London Dry Gin 20 ml of Bonded Apple Brandy 20 ml of Dry Vermouth

A Spooky Potion: Smokin' Skull Shots

Skulls at Halloween? How very cliché. Nonetheless, this cocktail is bound to give you a head rush   Smokin' Skull Shots Everybody in their own imagination decides what scary is - Yvonne Craig Ingredients: 28ml of Bourbon 14ml of Lime

A Spooky Potion: Dragon's Blood Punch

Serve up this fiery punch for your guests and soon you’ll all feel like the Mother of Dragons this October 31st   Dragon's Blood Punch I hate having to get up at 3am every morning to close closet doors that

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