A Spooky Potion: Zombie Gut Punch

This deliciously disgusting looking punch will go down a treat at your Halloween party!   Zombie Gut Punch A girl heard her mum yell her name from downstairs so she got up and started to head down. As she got

A Spooky Potion: Shrunken Heads

This punch is sure to give your guests a fright this Halloween!   Shrunken Heads You look in the mirror. Your reflection is pointing – at something behind you. Ingredients: 2 Cups of Lemon Juice 2 Tablespoons of Coarse Salt

A Spooky Potion: Black Devil Martini

This devilish cocktail will make your guests scream with joy because it’s so tasty   Black Devil Martini I rolled over to see my wife sleeping next to me. With my arms wrapped around her, she felt strangely cold. It

A Spooky Potion: Mr Hyde Potion

Mix it wrong and you may revert back to Dr Jekyll. Mix it right, and you've got yourself a delicious Halloween cocktail!   Mr Hyde Potion Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at

A Spooky Potion: Milky Way Martini

Because you’re never too old to enjoy a Milky Way. Now, you can have them in cocktail form!   Milky Way Martini I walked into the room and saw just one candle glowing; my parents were sitting around the table

A Spooky Potion: Devil's Punch

A Mexican inspired Halloween cocktail for everyone to enjoy, but it does come with a punch!   Devil's Punch Last night, I thought I’d left my phone in the bar. When I rung it, someone answered with a low raspy

A Spooky Potion: Ghostbuster Cocktail

Who you gonna call? Do I really need to finish that? So instead, try this cheeky peach schnapps cocktail this Halloween!   Ghostbuster Cocktail I came home from school one day and called out to my mum. She shouted back

A Spooky Potion: Zombie Cocktail

Like the actual Zombie cocktail but without the pineapple juice. Spooky.   Zombie It was around July when dogs began to disappear from my neighbourhood. About a week later, people began to go missing. Ingredients: 28 ml of Apricot Brandy

A Spooky Potion: Blood Sucker Cocktail

Try this pineapple Halloween inspired cocktail with just a hint of blood. Jokes! It’s Cointreau   Blood Sucker There’s nothing like the laughter of a child. Unless it’s at 3am, in your home and you’re all alone. Ingredients: 43ml Bacardi

A Spooky Potion: Black Cat Cocktail

Are they a sign of bad luck to come? Hopefully this cocktail will bring you better fortune!   Black Cat The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor. Ingredients:

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