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Unless you are the sort to leave all of your Christmas shopping to Christmas Eve, you will no doubt have at least thought about what you’re buying for your friends and family – if not bought their presents already (you smug lot!).

However prepared you think you are this year, don’t forget the Secret Santa name you picked out all those weeks ago. You don’t want to see Peter from HR unhappy at the Christmas party because of you!

Whether you have to buy for someone you know well or the person you make small talk with in the office kitchen, you’ll need to find a present that portrays the perfect mix of considerate thought and quirky novelty to make them smile (and possibly cringe!).

At drinkstuff we have alleviated the hard work for you by selecting some of our finest gifts and gadgets; from practical and classic glassware to the cheek-reddening Moaner Lisa Orgasmic Bottle Opener!

Plus, if you’ve left it a bit late, our fast UK delivery service can help you out, with fast next day delivery straight to your door. We even offer free delivery on orders over £50, so you can get all your Christmas shopping done in one convenient place.


You can check out our whole assortment of Secret Santa gifts, but here’s a few examples to give you some inspiration!:

Novelty glassware

If the person you’re buying for has a silly (or risque) sense of humour, you’ll find plenty to keep them amused in the huge selection of novelty glassware and gifts at drinkstuff.


The perfect combination for any man – beer and a sexy woman! The Sexy Beer Glass is the ideal gift for any beer lover with a sense of humour!

beer glass torso

Anyone who enjoys their wine would be delighted with this Wine Bottle Glass! A product that truly does what it says on the tin (glass!) – “Finally a wine glass that fits my needs!”


wine bottle glass blog

For something a little quirky for those who are fairly difficult to buy for, some novelty neon or colour changing glassware could be an eye-catching and fun option! There’s plenty to choose from – how about this Seven Colour Change Cocktail Glass?

colour change glass

Any fan of Oktoberfest (or just beer in general!) will love the novelty of this Glass Beer Boot – reminiscent of the classic shape of the German Bierstiefel boot. Holding just under half a pint, this could be their first step before sampling from the Giant Beer Boot, which holds  3.5 pints!

small beer boot

The popular Tiki style of novelty beverageware is iconic with Hawaiian themed parties, but one of these quirky little characters would also be perfect as a gift for  someone who wants to be transported (in their mind!) to a tropical beach every time they take a sip! Whilst there are plenty of styles to choose from, how about this Miniman Tiki Mug?

miniman tiki mug


 Novelty drinking accessories and gadgets

These Crazy Straw Glasses should entertain anyone who is essentially still a child at heart. Connect the straws to the end of the glasses  so that they reach your mouth and your glass – and look ridiculously cool (or just ridiculous?!) while you drink! Or sticking with the novelty straw theme, how about these DIY Straws or Deep Drink Diver Bubble Straws?

crazy straw glasses
Crazy Straw Glasses

If the aforementioned Sexy Beer Glass has left you thinking that we only cater for men, then fear not ladies!  Your female recipient will no doubt appreciate this Hunky Man Bottle Opener or Hunky Man Cocktail Stirrer! (There is also a Sexy Woman Bottle Opener!)

hunky man

Do you know someone who is territorial over their wine – or who needs to keep their alcohol collection away from the hands of their children or a sneaky flatmate? The Tantalus Bottle Lock could be the perfect solution!

tantalus bottle lock

With Movember as recent as last month, the moustache is very much on trend. Put a smile on any wine lover’s face with this novelty Handlebar Corkscrew!

handlebar corkscrew

Cocktail books

Whether your recipient is a cocktail connoisseur or someone who wants to start learning how to create delicious drinks, we’ve got  cocktail books for every level of expertise.


Check out our very own bar@drinkstuff 150 Party Drinks book, including large colour photos and simple, concise instructions:

party drinks book

 Or for the slightly more experienced drinks maker, the Ultimate Bar Book gives a comprehensive guide to over 1,000 cocktails, with recipes and information on the equipment and techniques required.

bar book

With these ideas being just a small sample of what we offer in terms of price range and style of gifts for Secret Santa (or last minute stocking fillers), you’re sure to find the perfect present to delight whoever is lucky enough to receive it!





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