St George’s Day


With St George’s Day  approaching on Wednesday 23rd April, it’s time to celebrate all things English.

We English typically aren’t very good at making a fuss about how great we are, (spending more time commemorating  other countries’  celebratory dates than our own), so perhaps it’s about time we showed our pride in being English!

From classic fish and chips by the sea to a good old cup of tea, there’s plenty to be proud of this St George’s Day!



The best way to demonstrate your appreciation is with items featuring the England flag. If you are celebrating St George’s Day with a party, use some of the following products to decorate your home (and car!) and toast to the day with a celebratory drink!:

6. England Flag                                                                                          england flag

11. England Paper Cups 9.4oz / 266ml                                                      england paper cup

13. Ultimate England Beer Bong Funnel                                                     beer bong

14. St George’s Car Nose                                                                            car nose

The humble cup of tea… it’s an English institution. There’s nothing better than finally getting home after a long day and settling down on the sofa with a soothing cup of tea and a biscuit to calm away the stresses of the day!

Therefore the cup of tea quite rightly deserves its place in the honorary list of English pride and you can show your appreciation with one of our plentiful tea drinking vessels – some of which have been selected below:

1. Churchill White Maple Tea Cup COL 7oz / 19.6cl                                       mug       

4. Blue Rim Enamel Mug White 12.5oz / 360ml                                                enamel mug

16. Elia Orientix Mugs 28cl                                                                                elia

A hearty pie is another classic English fare. Served up in an old English pub with a pint of beer – settled next to a roaring fire – nothing could be better on a chilly day! (Ok, the temperature in England perhaps being one thing we are not so proud of!). 

Some options to enjoy in our pie dishes below include recipes for English Beef & Ale Pie, Steak & Kidney Pie and Cheese Pie.                                                                                      

2.     Royal Genware Oval Pie Dish 16cm                                                         pie dish

5. Mason Cash Round Perfect Pie Dish 24cm                                                   mason cash pie

The perfect accompaniment to a traditional pie is an English Craft Beer or English ale or cider. Enjoy a refreshing pint in one of our classic tankards:

8. The Great British Dimple Mug 20oz / 568ml                                                      dimple

9. LSA Bar Beer Tankard 17.6oz / 500ml                                                              lsa tankard

A trip to the seaside to enjoy some fish and chips is an iconic English pastime. Mark that tradition by serving a delicious portion of fish and chips in one of our stylish food display products:

7. Retro French Fry Cone with Sauce Dippers                                                     retro cone

15. Ceramic Presentation Frying Pan & Wire Basket                                            ceramic

Jam making is increasing in popularity again after years of decline – which is a good thing, because there’s nothing nicer for breakfast or afternoon tea than a hefty dollop of home-made jam.

Make your own fruity and flavoursome jam in one of our English-made Kilner jars:  a selection of which are shown below:

3. Kilner Round Twist Top Jar 580ml                                                                     twist top

10. Kilner Round Clip Top Jar 1ltr                                                                         kilner clip

12. Kilner Push Top Glass Storage Jar 1ltr                                                           filner push

* * * 

Prove that England is worth feeling proud about and celebrate a very happy St George’s Day this year!




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