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How to Serve Absinthe

How to Serve Absinthe

The French Method of preparing Absinthe is a ritual that has been observed for generations, and involves great patience. You can’t rush the Green Fairy. Use our simple step by step guide to learn how to serve Absinthe. Step 1

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How To Use A Boston Shaker

How To Use A Boston Cocktail Shaker

Follow drinkstuff’s simple 5 step guide to learn how to use the Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker, just like a professional mixologist. Step 1 Add your ingredients to the shaker glass with ice. You may need to muddle or churn your ingredients

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HOW TO: Make a Mint Julep

mint julep cup

A popular drink in the American South, the Mint Julep  is made up of four ingredients – bourbon, fresh mint, sugar and ice. The drink originated during the eighteenth century, with one of the earliest written records being from 1803 when

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DIY Pumpkin Keg

DIY Pumpkin Keg

When Halloween comes creeping up the calendar once more it’s time to generate some creative party ideas. Popular in America, a pumpkin keg is a quick and easy way to make your Halloween drinks service stand out. Just landed at

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HOW TO: Make a Moscow Mule

How to Make a Moscow Mule

What’s not to love about the Moscow Mule? With its ingredients of lime, vodka and ginger beer –  it’s a refreshing drink with just the right amount of spicy kick! The Moscow Mule became popular in the 1940s thanks to

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