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Boston Sidecar

The Boston Sidecar combines the best of the classic cocktails Daiquiri and the original Sidecar. Consisting of light rum, triple sec, cognac/brandy and lime juice, this rum based cocktail is usually served in a chilled Martini glass.

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Brandy Alexander

A Brandy Alexander is a creamy rum based cocktail made using Cognac and crème de cacao. As popular in the 20th century, this sweet cocktail can also include nutmeg and fresh cream.

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Cuba Libre

A Cuba Libre cocktail is essentially a Rum & Coke, however, it differentiates by being served in an old fashioned glass and often includes a twist of lime.

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A Daiquiri cocktail is made from a combination of rum, lemon or lime juice and sugar. This popular concoction has grown into a family of cocktails including the well-known Banana Daiquiri and Strawberry Daiquiri. In recent years, the popularity of frozen Daiquiri cocktails has increased, this is essentially the

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The Mojito is a popular cocktail created using 5 ingredients. Traditionally rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint, this refreshing cocktail is served in a highball glass. An important part of making a Mojito is ensuring the mint is crushed

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