The Beast Giant Fist Drink Cooler

What are the ideal requirements you dream of when drinking a can of your favourite beer? – You want to keep your drink cool? You want to be surrounded by your best mates? You want a huge novelty fist to wear? Of course you do!

The impulsion to (playfully!) punch your nearest and dearest with this giant foam fist will no doubt be overwhelming, but don’t dismiss the intended purpose of The Beast Giant Fist Drink Cooler – a functional and novel way to chill your favourite drink in your hand.

By placing your fingers inside The Beast Giant Fist Drink Cooler, and a can of your desired beverage into the top of the fist, you can keep your drink at a nicely chilled temperature.

The exaggerated size of the foam hand with it’s life-like veins and fingernails may make you feel somewhat like The Hulk (minus the green hue); whilst the attention it draws will instantly make you the life of the party.

Be warned though, this item will be so popular that everyone will want to try it on and you may find that it has mysteriously disappeared by the end of the night!




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