The Dimpled Pint Glass is back!

You don’t have to be a beer drinker to be familiar with the iconic raised-dimple appearance of some handled pint glasses – although you may not have seen them out at your local pub recently due to a drop in popularity.

The dimpled mug has been around since the 1920s, but lost its appeal sometime in the noughties when straighter style glasses such as the conical, tulip and nonic became more popular.

However, dimpled mugs are now making a comeback – possibly as a result of the rising popularity of craft beers.

dimple held

The concept of the classic beer drinker may conjure up the image of an old man in a flat cap, but drinking from a dimpled mug is now seen as fashionable – and even young hipsters are catching onto the trend!

Apart from its current fashionable aesthetics, the glasses also have functional benefits for beer drinkers. The wide diameter of the glass enables the drinker to smell the full aroma of the beer; whilst the handle supposedly helps to keep the beer cool.

Here at drinkstuff we offer some quality dimpled mugs, including the Traditional Glass Pint Tankards CE and The Great British Dimple Mug 20oz / 568ml.

great british dimple mug
Great British Dimple Mug

It’s also always nice to keep hold of British tradition. Whilst Germans’ are famous for their beer steins, the dimpled ‘pint pot’ is synonymous with British history.

This sentiment is certainly held by many more seasoned drinkers who are confused by the concept of a resurgence in popularity of dimpled glasses. According to beer writer Melissa Cole, “dimpled mugs never died in community pubs”.

So why not join in with this revival and enjoy your beer from a classic dimpled beer mug?








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