The Toy Shop Bar

Ever wish you could combine your love of all things deliciously alcoholic with the fun of being a care-free child?

Well that dream may have become a reality for those who have visited The Toy Shop Bar in Putney, London! The innovative bar with its brightly coloured frivolous design and child-like appeal is like a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for adults – (except with cocktails instead of chocolate!).

The bar opened in June 2013, and ever since its launch party, the popular venue is said to have been brightening up Putney High Street with its colourful interior and focus on fun.

Entering through its doors you are welcomed by vibrant surroundings – turquoise and yellow velvet sofas, chequered walls and neon signs create a quirky decor – which all contribute to making The Toy Shop Bar a real gem of a find!

Customers are served cocktails named after childhood toys (Play-Doh Milk Punch anyone?), and are decorated with sweets enjoyed by us all as children – (…oh alright, we still enjoy them now!).

Other tasty sweet-inspired cocktails on offer at The Toy Shop Bar include:

Clubland a la polly pocket

Wormwood vodka, sweets infused port, homemade cherry alcoholic cordial, marinated and reinvested cherries, lemon sherbet, triple chip smoked, chocolate cigarettes.

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Martini Chiller Glass

Wooly-willy cup

Amer Picon, rossato vermouth, TTS grenadine, rosebud, ginger ale, Moroccan mint, seasonal berries, citrus, lollies.

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Falcon Enamel Mug

Newton’s craddle old fashioned tipple

TTS dried fruit infused malt blend, absinthe mist, rosehip tincture, aged cardamom dark cacao, vanilla extract, no1 bitter blend, chocolate fondue, marinated fruits.

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La Rochère Perigord Wine Glass

The nose

The nose is a sweet yeasty malt with a very light bitter hops signature. Palate is a pleasantly sweet barley malt with a nice firm bitter hops and the bite of carbonation. An aftertaste of bitter hops lingers on the palate and adds to the overall mouth-feel and drinkability.

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Convention Champagne Flute

Before you even think about trying to replicate your own Toy Shop cocktail creations using these drinkstuff glasses, you need to head on over to Putney  and experience the joy of this unique and fun-filled bar for yourself!

Reminiscing about the fun of your childhood whilst indulging in the adult pastime of consuming alcohol sounds perfect to us!




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