UK Exclusive – The CoronaRita!

drinkstuff are now selling the CoronaRita Bottle Holder – a UK first!



If you’re based in the UK and haven’t ventured to the US before, you may not be aware of the CoronaRita.

A favourite tipple of many diners at Chili’s restaurant in America, the CoronaRita cocktail combines the classic flavour of a margarita with the distinctive taste of Corona Beer!

The clip itself is essentially a small plastic contraption with an opening suitable for holding a Corona bottle inside. This attaches to the rim of a margarita glass, and the Corona pours into the Margarita to mix together the two drinks.


CoronaRita Bottle Holder Clip

CoronaRita Bottle Holder Clip

For best results, use with a Hoffman House Chabela Beer Goblet – a sturdy glass that won’t topple over with the weight of the Corona bottle, and which securely fits the  CoronaRita Bottle Holder Clip on its rim.

Hoffman House Chabela Beer Goblet

Hoffman House Chabela Beer Goblet

This inventive drink will no doubt soon be taking the UK by storm – so be the first to try it out for yourself!




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