University Fresher Essentials

If you spent the recent Late Summer Bank Holiday filled with any of the following assortment of emotions – dread, excitement, anxiety, anticipation – then it can probably be assumed that you are either a teacher (the feeling of dread most likely applying to you!), a student returning to university or a new fresher starting in September.

The bank holiday marks the approaching end of the summer holidays with its weeks of freedom, late nights and exotic trips abroad becoming something of a distant memory.

If you fall into the university fresher category, the oncoming term of busy schedules, unfamiliar surroundings and prospect of meeting new people may all feel rather daunting.

Of course you might be the sort of person to have packed up your room the second you got your confirmation letter, but if you have been a little less organised, no need to fret – there’s still time to purchase the essentials!

With any luck you’ll have your own assigned cupboard in your student kitchen to store your crockery and food (i.e. cans of baked beans!), but even so it’s probably advisable to have some colourful and distinctive plates and bowls to differentiate them from those belonging to your flatmates – just like this eye-catching Mix-Up Lemon Dinner Set.

Presumably your drink of choice will generally be a pint of beer or a tray of shots, but you may actually just fancy a glass of water or orange juice some of the time! These Multi Colour Drinking Glasses will definitely stand out against your fellow flatmates’ standard clear glassware.

To ensure that you’re not just eating Super Noodles every evening, you’ll need some pots and pans. A Teflon Plus Frying Pan is a staple cooking tool for any student whether your skills only extend to making an omelette, or you’re actually a bit of a curry making connoisseur.

Knowing that you’ll inhabit your new student room for a whole year will no doubt inspire you to personalise the space and you’ll want to start decorating it with some homely touches (especially if your new abode resembles a brick walled prison cell!)

If you are allowed to attach adornments to your walls, then this Toucan Guiness Plaque will brighten up and add a quirky aesthetic to your room.  There’s a whole range of different designs to choose from if this one isn’t quite your style.



Passing a glance to the Budweiser Bottle Clock on your wall whilst trying not to be late for your lectures will remind you that it will be beer o’ clock soon enough! The clock is an eco-friendly item, made solely from a recycled bottle, and should guarantee to be the talking point for any visitors to your room!

One of  the most exciting benefits of becoming a university student (apart from gaining a degree of course…) is making friends and doing a fair bit of socialising, so you’ll want to take along some cool drinking accessories to impress your potential new party buddies.

To add some novelty to the the usual drinkware, Neon Party Accessories will be sure to catch the attention of your flatmates. Try these Flashing Dice Shot Glasses – perfect for livening up any fun drinking games played to break the ice between you and your prospective new friends.



Now that you can tick off a few more boxes on your university prep checklist, you can hopefully relax and look forward to your new life as a student!

Good luck!





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