Wearable Drinking Glasses

Do you ever reminisce about your childhood and wish you could replicate some area of it in your adult life?

Perhaps you wish you could spend your work lunch break with your suit tie knotted around your head pretending to be some sort of warrior,  or you dream about playing kiss chase with that handsome man you  keep seeing on your daily commute.

A slightly more sophisticated version of this desire to harp back to a childlike state of mind (when, let’s face it – things were simpler and more fun!), will have further sentimental appeal if you were a fan of Ring Pop sweets back in the ’90s.

The updated (for adults only!) version is this  wearable drinking glass, part of the Seduction Series designed by  Interior Design graduate Merve Kahraman.

As well as the drinking rings encompassing a rather classy and intriguing aesthetic appeal, they are also supposed to encourage the user to smell their drink (seductively apparently!) This has been termed ‘L’art De La Seduction’ and according to Kahraman, the act sensitises people to the anticipation of the multifaceted experience of smelling and ultimately tasting their drink.

By wearing the quirky piece as a ring and holding it close to your face to reduce the chance of spillages, the strong aroma of your drink should drift into your nose and activate all of your senses.




Kahraman explains the thought process behind her luxurious and whimsical work as “exploring the relationship between my products and their users, which develops a personal bond either through the means of reoccurring cycles or lending the object as an extension to one’s personality.

“The designs are sustainable and accomplished through masterful craftsmanship.”



Although the stylish reinvention of the ring pop may seem a tad fanciful, there is no denying that the total opulence of wearing your glass as a piece of jewellery would make one feel terribly noble!

You won’t however see them being used down your local on a Friday night amongst all of the beer-swillers – they will only be used exclusively at private events and parties.

Now where’s our invite?




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