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Designed to be economical yet highly effective, Instanta have lived up to this design specification with the 1501F Value Autofill Water Boiler. Reliable and built to a commercial quality, this easy to use water boiler is a perfect choice for any self service establishment, from B&Bs to canteens.
An ideal solution for a budget water boiler, the Instanta 3001F Value Autofill Water Boiler is an offshoot of the powerful Thousand series water boilers. Built to a similar specification but with less comprehensive diagnostic features, these units are perfect for any self service canteen, café or hotel.
The Instanta Supreme Water Boiler And Steam Injector will lift the burden of large orders of tea! Able to produce 23 litres of hot water every hour, this water boiler is the perfect solution to a high demand for warm beverages.
The CPF210 Counter Top Water Boiler by Instanta is as it's peers, designed for commercial use. Perfect for placement in a wide array of locations, from canteens to coffee house counters. Highly reliable with great tap clearance for even the tallest of jugs and teapots. Perfect for efficient and regular flow of boiled water.
With a high set tap, the Instanta CPF310 Water Boiler is the ideal unit for your hot water needs. Designed for counter-top use, this unit is easy to set up and use with minimum fuss. Perfect for a regular and steady flow of servings.
Able to dish out boiled water in rapid succession, the fantastic CPF2100 Water Boiler by Instanta is designed and manufactured for use in the commercial environment. From coffee houses to canteens, the CPF2100 offers a high tap clearance for use with almost any jugs, teapots and cafetieres.
The CPF4100-3 Counter Top Water Boiler by Instanta is designed for use in the professional drink service market. Highly reliable, this unit provides an efficient and effective solution for large and regular servings. With 2 years parts and labour guarantee and an extremely durable construction, this boiler is perfect for a wide array of commercial use.
SALE €1,134.80
Designed for use in the commercial environment, this fantastic CPF4100-6 Counter Top Water Boiler by Instanta come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee. Renowned for quality and durability, these units offer a high tap clearance to allow even some of
The CPF6100-6 Counter Top Water Boiler by Instanta is the perfect unit for your canteen, coffee house or other type of establishment. Designed for use on counter tops, this unit has an output of 6kW and is able to produce enough hot water to keep you and all of your patrons topped up with tea. With a high tap you can easily fit even large jugs or teapots underneath.
The Instanta CT6000-9 Counter Top Water Boiler is designed with the professional caterer in mind, able to rapidly produce boiling water for all of your hot beverage needs. With it's ease of use and great accessibility, this hot water boiler is ideal for canteens and self service establishments.
Ideally suited for self service establishments, the Instanta CT8000-6 Counter Top Water Boiler is able to deliver hot water with rapid succession. Perfect for mammoth tea runs, this unit will continue to provide hot water all day. Its high tap allows for almost any jug or teapot to fit underneath easily.
The Instanta CT8000-9 Counter Top Water Boiler is ideal for fending off thirsty customers with fresh cups of tea. Able to produce a constant supply of boiling water, this unit is perfect for self service establishments such as office canteens, and even hotels and B&Bs.
Instanta, a name that instills quality, longevity and innovation all in one, the WA2N Value Wall Mounted Boiler maintains the high level of standard that comes with the brand. With a high tap it's easy to fill even the largest of jugs or mugs at this wall mounted hot water boiler unit.
Holding up to 5 litres of hot water, ready for dispensing, the WA5N Wall Mounted Boiler has all of the reliability, durability and longevity that the brand name suggests, but at a lower cost! The Value Range from Instanta is ideal for commercial use and practical for a wide range of applications.
Able to deliver 10 litres of boiling water instantly, the WA10N Wall Mounted Boiler from Instanta is perfect for commercial use. Easy to situate, easier to use, this fantastic unit offers professional quality at a great price. A high tap clearance allows for almost any jug or cup to fit underneath.
The Instanta WM3 Wall Mounted Boiler is the perfect solution to serving hot water where counter top space is limited. Wall mounted to enable it to be placed almost anywhere, this unit is ideal for tight spots or other locations where space is at a premium.
Manufactured from stainless steel for use in the commercial catering market, the WM3SS Wall Mounted Boiler from Instanta is the ideal unit for all of your hot beverage needs. Designed to be wall mounted for ease of use, this fantastic machine will help you save space and still serve perfectly.
Perfect for commercial use, the Instanta WM7 Wall Mounted Water Boiler is the ideal solution to your hot beverage needs. Able to instantly serve 7 litres of boiled water, this unit is perfect for hotels, B&Bs, cafeterias and even coffee houses.
Capable of holding and serving 7 litres of water, the Instanta WM7SS Wall Mounted Boiler is ideal for use in commercial establishments. From canteens to B&Bs, the WM7SS offers a high tap height to allow many different types of mugs and jugs to be filled.
Designed with the catering industry in mind, the WM15-3SS Wall Mounted Boiler from Instanta is able to offer instant hot water with minimal fuss. Providing an incredibly efficient solution for anyone needing a regular and steady flow of boiling water, this 15ltr capacity boiler is perfect for use in self service environments from hotels to office canteens.
The Instanta WM15 Instanta Wall Mounted Boiler is a highly reliable, professional unit ideal for instant hot water with minimum fuss. This unit provides the most efficient solution for those needing a regular and steady flow of hot water.
SALE €1,024.05
Designed with the commercial drink service industry in mind, the Instanta WM25-6SS Wall Mounted Boiler is ideal for use in a wide range of establishments. From self service canteens to hotels and coffee houses, this wall mounted water boiler is able to ca


Make yourself a hot beverage with our range of Instanta water boilers, a wide choice of commercial water boilers for canteens, offices, bars and cafes. This range of Instanta electric boilers includes Instanta counter top boilers and Instanta wall mounted boilers.

Choose from a wide range of Instanta hot water boilers, including Instanta value boilers, Instanta auto fill boilers and Instanta boilers with steam injectors. Our range of Instanta water boilers are available with fast UK delivery.