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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Atelier Glassware

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The Atelier Sauvignon Wine Glasses combine an angular shaped bowl with a pulled, fine stem to create an elegant and sophisticated glass. Each glass is made from SON.hyx lead free crystal glass for extra durability and resistance. The Atelier Sauvignon is
From £34.99
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Made from toughened SON.hyx crystal glass, the 44cl Atelier White Wine Glasses are designed to be shock resistant for regular use. With an angular bowl and pulled stem, the Atelier range captures the best of elegance in their glassware.
From £39.99
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For a wine glass with high levels of both durability and style, the Atelier Red Wine Glasses are the premium option for everyday use. With a high quality SON.hyx crystal construction and a pulled stem, this range is both strong and elegant. Each glass has
For the perfect glass of Merlot or Cabernet, the Atelier Red Wine Glasses have been designed to enhance the tasting experience. With toughened SON.hyx crystal glass technology, the stem and rim have greater longevity and strength than ordinary glassware,
The Atelier Prestige Chardonnay Wine Glasses are perfect for serving white wine, the design of this glass makes it ideal for chardonnay as it has a short, wide bowl and a slightly tapered top. The longer stem on this glass helps keep your wine as cool as
The Atelier Prestige Riesling Wine Glasses are ideal for serving white wine, each glass features a unique design that is both functional and stylish. The longer stem helps keep your hands away from the bowl to keep your wine cooler for longer, while the n
The Atelier Prestige Bordeaux Wine Glasses are designed for serving full bodied red wines such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. With a tall, broad bowl, the wine has space to breathe, allowing you to swirl your tipple to help release the aromas and flavo
Add a level of sophistication to your after dinner drinks with the Atelier Prestige Shot Glasses. These elegantly shaped glasses feature a heavyweight base
From £34.99
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The Atelier Champagne Flutes have a delicate, elegant design which features an angular bowl. Each glass has SON.hyx technology for a toughened finish.
SALE £72.99
Versatile and stylish, the Atelier Cocktail & Champagne Coupe has a wide, angular bowl, perfect for fine champagne, or even margaritas and daiquiris.
The Atelier Prestige Champagne Flute offers an elegant and stylish way to drink champagne; the slender tulip shape helps to concentrate the bubbles.
From £29.99
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For a twist on the classic champagne glass, these flared Atelier Prestige Trumpet Flutes are a more stylish alternative to your celebrations.
From £23.99
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New to the Atelier range, the Prestige Elegante Mini Flute is the perfect way to serve sherry, port and liqueurs. The sophisticated trumpet design is not only stylish but amplifies the taste and flavours as they make their way to your palate.
The Atelier Prestige Cooler Tumbler is an elegant and formal way to serve soft drinks and beverages with dinner. Made from SON.hyx crystal.
From £23.49
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With a distinctive thick base, the Atelier Prestige Beverage Tumblers offer a stylish way to serve beverages. Made from SON.hyx crystal glass.
For a more comfortable and elegant way to drink spirits on the rocks, the Atelier Prestige Old Fashioned Tumblers are the ideal piece of glassware. The Atelier range is made from SON.hyx crystal for a premium quality and excellent resistance to everyday u
From £42.99
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The 800ml Atelier Red Wine Glass is the largest volume from the Atelier glassware range, offering the premium quality of the entire range. Ideal for serving red wine, the larger bowl allows more space for the wine to breathe, resulting in a wider aroma an

Atelier Glassware

For toughened glassware with Son.hyx technology, the Atelier glassware range is the premium option. The Atelier glasses range is made from Luigi Bormioli glassware for toughened crystal wine glasses, toughened hiball tumblers, toughened shot glasses, toughened cocktail glasses, toughened champagne flutes and toughened old fashioned tumblers. The Atelier crystal wine glasses are suitable for using as crystal wine tasting glasses. This range also includes crystal shot glasses, crystal cocktail glasses, crystal champagne flutes and crystal tumblers too. You’ll find the Atelier Tumblers, Atelier Champagne Flutes, Atelier Trumpet Champagne Flutes, Atelier Hiball Tumblers, Atelier Old Fashioned Tumblers, Atelier Wine Glasses, Atelier Shot Glasses and Atelier Cocktail Glasses are all available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.