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Bar Accessories

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Have you ever fancied running a pub? It can be difficult to know where to start - we decided that a Bar Starter Pack would give you a helping hand at getting your home bar equipped with the essentials! More info
On Sale $64.96 RRP $69.83 | Save 7%
In stock
Multi-purpose Bar Knife with sharp straight-edge, serrated edge and forked tip. Ideal for slicing fruit to stick in one of your home made cocktails! More info
On Sale $3.23 RRP $6.48 | Save 50%
In stock
RakaStaka - as seen on the BBC's Dragons Den. The Rakastaka is a great innovation that could end rolling and falling bottles forever. More info
$9.73 1x Pack of 3 More options
In stock
If you like a bottle permanently by your side then this is the product for you! The Deluxe Chome Bottle Carousel comes complete with 6 spirit measures, so all you have to do is supply the alcohol! More info
On Sale $123.44 RRP $146.18 | Save 16%
In stock
This black plastic Cap Catcher Pillar is a brilliant and labour saving device perfect for bars, restaurants and even the home. When attached to the wall you can quickly remove bottle caps with ease and the hanging bucket catches them as they fall. More info
On Sale $11.35 RRP $12.98 | Save 13%
In stock
They say a bad workman always blames his tools, perhaps that's because he never had the Bar Equipment Set! This selection of professional quality bar tools compiles some of the most essential cocktail accessories you will need to make the perfect cocktail! More info
On Sale $24.35 RRP $32.47 | Save 25%
In stock
You can continue the famous pub tradition with this Chrome Last Orders Bell. The first ring tells your customers to get their last round in, while the second round politely lets them know it's time to drink up and head home. More info
On Sale $48.72 RRP $64.96 | Save 25%
In stock
You've bought your booze, stocked up on pourers, optics and the like, and you’ve even got a quality blender to go with it all. Now all you need are the small accessories that make all the difference! More info
On Sale $22.73 RRP $32.47 | Save 30%
In stock
Stainless steel double ended measure essential for all cocktailers. Gives an accurate measure of both 25ml and 50ml shots. More info
On Sale $7.29 RRP $9.73 | Save 25% Single More options
In stock
If your bartending experience is limited to flipping the cap off a beer and handing it to your mate, then it's time to get practising with the Bartender Bar Equipment Set. Containing all the bar tools you need to pour drinks like a professional, this set will have you serving up everything from classic cocktails to layered shots. More info
On Sale $24.35 RRP $35.72 | Save 32%
In stock
New to the UK, the Bar10der is the ultimate at-home bartending tool. The first 10 in 1 multi tool is ideal for cocktail making anywhere, this useful piece of equipment is perfect for travelling, for parties or just keeping a complete portable set all in one convenient gadget. More info
In stock
The Chrome Plated Glass Rack offers a practical and attractive way to store your stemware. It can easily be under-mounted to a shelf or cabinet, helping you optimise space behind the bar. Suitable for wine glasses, cocktail glasses, brandy glasses and other stemware, this rack is ideal for busy bars, pubs and clubs. More info
On Sale $6.48 RRP $8.11 | Save 20% Single More options
In stock
Chances are you've got a couple of beer mats scattered around your home, whether you've pocketed a couple from the local public house or consider yourself an avid collector. It's a popular and great way of owning a little piece of advertising and brand history. More info
On Sale $24.35 RRP $27.60 | Save 12%
In stock
If your going all out on an up and coming party and presentation is key then rather than just getting the beers out of the fridge have them on display using this very cool bottle display stand. Using the plastic guides you are able to stack up your beer bottles into a pyramid of drink wonder. More info
On Sale $12.98 RRP $16.23 | Save 20%
In stock
A pub beer mat is so much more than a drinks coaster, it's a little piece of brand and advertising history that anyone can own, whether you're a casual collector or consider yourself a tegestologist (a collector of beer mats). This pack of Traditional Pub Beer Mats contains 25 assorted brands. More info
On Sale $4.86 RRP $6.48 | Save 25%
In stock
Enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola without the worry of condensation marks and spills on your precious bar top. This Coca-Cola Wetstop Bar Runner is made from 100% nitrile rubber with 100% polyester pile top branded with the official motif of your favourite beverage. More info
On Sale $32.47 RRP $40.59 | Save 20%
In stock
Maximise your bar storage space with the stylish and practical Acrylic Modular Stemware Rack. This rack simply attaches to the underside of your cabinet or shelf and will hold a variety of stemmed glassware, including wine glasses, cocktail glasses and brandy glasses. More info
On Sale $9.73 RRP $14.60 | Save 33%
In stock
This superbly finished brass bell is stylish enough to hang in any home or bar and is perfect for ensuring that the stragglers finish their drinks in good time to stagger home. Wall mounted with a diameter of 7 inches (180mm), you will never again awaken to find that the tramps you call your friends have set up home after a few drinks at yours! More info
On Sale $43.84 RRP $64.96 | Save 33%
In stock
Display your bottles using this strong aluminium Measure Bracket. The clamp system firmly holds the bottles and will fit to most shelves making them ideal for all home and public bars. However, if you prefer, the clamp can be removed so that they can fix directly to a wall. More info
On Sale $4.86 RRP $8.11 | Save 40%
In stock
Proudly display your spirit collection with the Measure Bracket. This bracket holds 1 litre and 1.5 litre spirit bottles and can either be clamped onto a shelf or wall mounted. Ideal for home bars and professional bars, this strong aluminium bracket offers a fast and efficient way to serve spirits straight into the glass. More info
On Sale $5.67 RRP $9.73 | Save 42%
In stock
To help recreate the true pub look, the 1 Gallon Measure Bracket helps you store your larger bottles ready for easy serving. Simply attach a pub measure to this wall mountable bracket and your bottle will simply slot on. Now you can play pub landlord to all your mates! More info
On Sale $11.35 RRP $16.23 | Save 30%
In stock
To brew your own moonshine, Kilner's 40 Pint Lager Home Brew Kit contains everything you need to make your own home brew, including equipment and ingredients. This just-add-water home brew set is an ideal gift for lager lovers. More info
On Sale $97.45 RRP $105.57 | Save 8%
In stock
If you feel your home bar is lacking a little something, then it's probably time you invested in the Home Bar Cocktail Set. Including everything you need to make your pad look like a swanky New York cocktail bar, this set features everything you need to mix up the perfect cocktail, long drink or drink on the rocks. More info
On Sale $48.72 RRP $81.21 | Save 40%
In stock
As anyone who has tried to pour a pint will know, it's not always easy to get it all into the glass. Dalliance, distractions, or just plain drunkenness can all conspire to cause your precious brew to spill, dripping all over the floor, the table, or your clothes. The simple answer, this drip tray! More info
On Sale $48.72 RRP $56.84 | Save 14%
In stock
Ideal for busy bars or flair bartenders, the Double Speed Rail allows for instant access to liqueur bottles and Store & Pour systems. With a high quality stainless steel construction, it offers a practical and stylish addition to your bar. More info
On Sale $64.96 RRP $102.32 | Save 37%
In stock
Mix, layer and crush with the Gold Plated Classic Bar Spoon from Urban Bar. Featuring a gold plated finish for a stylish, classic look, this spoon is an essential addition to any bar. In addition to stirring drinks this spoon has a long twisted shaft for layering drinks. More info
On Sale $21.10 RRP $24.35 | Save 13%
In stock
Reassure your punters that your bar abides by UK licencing laws with the Pub Laws Sign Set. Each wall sign clearly states the weights and measurements act for either wine or spirits, while the Pub Laws Sign states the law regarding under age drinking and drunken behavior. More info
On Sale $32.47 RRP $48.72 | Save 33%
In stock
The Vodka Zinger allows you to create your own homemade, fresh cocktails in one convenient bottle. Simply grind the ingredients you desire with spirits to create your own cocktail. The grinder is perfect for fruit and stores the pulp and rind in the bottom cup to infuse even more flavour. More info
In stock
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Bar Accessories

Keeping your bar running is the key to success. Whether you own a home bar in your games room, or you’re a pub landlord, our cheap bar accessories offer a wide variety of home bar equipment, and pub bar equipment.

From everyday bar accessories like bar runners and bar towels, to unique bar accessories for the home, our bar equipment caters for all levels of bartenders. Help get your make your bar a truly professional quality bar with our commercial bar accessories, ideal for use in pubs and at home.

If you need some bar tools for a cocktail party you’re hosting, our fast delivery service will get them to you quickly. Make the most of our next day delivery service on all bar accessories in the UK.

Perfect for amateur barmen and professional barmen alike, our collection of barware ranges from basic bar accessories such as bar mats and glass stacking mats, to cocktail accessories such as soda siphons and ice crushers, and even incorporates fun novelty bar equipment ideal as gifts.

Our bar accessories shop provides you with plenty of bar accessories for the home to help you set up the perfect home bar.

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