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Bar Accessories

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This Vintage Premium Julep Strainer is perfect for creating ultra smooth cocktails, the unique design stops any unwanted lumps of ice and fruit.
With a vintage style, the Nantucket Beverage Dispenser features a seal tight clip top lid for freshness. Ideal for parties and BBQs.
A practical way of storing food labels, the Heavy Duty Single Roll 50mm Label Dispenser is the easy way to keep kitchen hygiene standards high.
The perfect bar tool to avoid getting lumps of ice and bits of fruit in your beverage, this Antique Brass Strainer keeps your cocktails smooth.
At 45cm long, this Antique Brass Mixing Collinson Spoon is designed to reach to the bottom of pitchers or long glasses. Made from stainless steel.
This Antique Brass Shaker Tin On Tin is perfect for keen bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike! With a smooth finish and eye-catching brass effect.
This Antique Brass Jigger from Beaumont is perfect for measuring precise servings of spirits for cocktails. With 15ml, 25ml, 35ml, 50ml measurements.
From £9.99
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This Vintage Copper 4 Prong Hawthorne Strainer is designed to get rid of any unwanted bits of fruit and ice, creating perfectly smooth cocktails.
From £6.99
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A bartenders best friend, this Vintage Copper Mixing Spoon is ideal for stirring drinks. The twisted stem allows you to layer cocktails.
From £7.99
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With a distressed copper finish and two in one design, this Vintage Copper Jigger is perfect for adding precise shots to your beverages.
From £8.99
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This stunning Vintage Copper Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin from Utopia is a must-have for avid bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike!
From £9.99
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This Black Service Mat from Beaumont helps prevent your bar surface being covered in unwanted drips and spillages. Designed to catch overflow.
This Chrome 3 Part Bar Organiser offers fuss free storage of napkins and cocktail accessories for a clean and tidy bar.
This Copper Plated Napkin Holder provides an on trend contemporary aestehtic and the perfect place to store napkins.
With a chrome finish this Napkin Holder offers a contemporary aesthetic whilst providing a functional and durable design.
This Firm Grip 9 Piece Garnish Set with Case features all the essential garnishing tools for any aspiring or professional chef.
From £4.99
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Ideal for serving a double shot, these Copper Thimble Bar Measures are CE marked at 50ml. Perfect for use in commercial settings.
The Watermelon Keg Tap Kit allows you to turn fruits such as melons, pineapples or pumpkins into a refreshing drink dispenser keg.
This Bonzer Rota Measure has been designed to sit directly on top of the glass, reducing spillages and waste of expensive spirits.
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This Trimline Grey Container has an impressive 87 litre capacity but a super slimline design. Ideal for saving space and fitting in narrow gaps.
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With an impressive 60 litre capacity, the Trimline Grey Container is the space saving solution for kitchen waste. Perfect for commercial use.
This Ultimate Garnish Station is a bartenders best friend! With an all in one design, this cocktail garnish station is the perfect solution for bars.
From £3.49
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Ideal for accurately serving a single shot, these Copper Thimble Bar Measures are CE marked at 25ml. Ideal for legal drinks service at bars.
From £99.99
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Perfect for adding creativity and variety to table settings and home bars, this wine bottle holder features a seashell design.
From £14.99
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These Stag Bottle Openers are the perfect accessory for any home or commercial bar and feature a vintage inspired design.
From £89.99
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These Heritage Leather Handled Champagne Baths are perfect for cooling and displaying bottles of wine, prosecco and champagne.
This Genware Grey Slim Recycling Bin can be utilised to recycle a wide range of materials and has a 65 litre capacity.
From £18.99
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Add a contemporary, on trend aesthetic to your bar service and food presentation with this Genware Round Copper Tray.
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Bar Accessories

Keeping your bar running is the key to success. Whether you own a home bar in your games room, or you’re a pub landlord, our cheap bar accessories offer a wide variety of home bar equipment, and pub bar equipment.

From everyday bar accessories like bar runners and bar towels, to unique bar accessories for the home, our bar equipment caters for all levels of bartenders. Help get your make your bar a truly professional quality bar with our commercial bar accessories, ideal for use in pubs and at home.

If you need some bar tools for a cocktail party you’re hosting, our fast delivery service will get them to you quickly. Make the most of our next day delivery service on all bar accessories in the UK.

Perfect for amateur barmen and professional barmen alike, our collection of barware ranges from basic bar accessories such as bar mats and glass stacking mats, to cocktail accessories such as soda siphons and ice crushers, and even incorporates fun novelty bar equipment ideal as gifts.

Our bar accessories shop provides you with plenty of bar accessories for the home to help you set up the perfect home bar.