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Bar Accessories

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The Calabrese Julep Spoon is designed in collaboration with Salvatore Calabrese. Ideal for stirring cocktails and mixed drinks.
With a practical design, the Heavy Duty 7 Roll 19mm Label Dispenser includes space for storing up to 7 rolls of day dots, the solution for quick labelling.
The Heavy Duty 7 Roll 19mm Label Dispenser is the organised way of labeling food. Perfect for increasing the speed and accuracy of your food rotation.
With a practical way of storing your food labels, the Heavy Duty Single Roll 50mm Label Dispenser is the easy way to keep kitchen hygiene standards high.
Made from the finest stainless steel, the Bonzer Heritage Barware Leather Roll Bag is the complete professional barware tool bag. Perfect for bartenders.
From €10.53
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Whether you're creating bubble tea or Molecular Gastronomy, these mango juice pobbles from Wild Monk are sure to add a burst of flavour.
With premium stainless steel plated with gold, the Bonzer Heritage Barware Leather Roll Bag is the perfect complete cocktail kit bag for bartenders.
With the finest stainless steel plated with copper, the Bonzer Heritage Barware Leather Roll Bag is a comprehensive cocktail kit bag for bartenders.
With the Bonzer Heritage Barware Leather Roll Bag, you can provide professional bartending on the go. With the Bonzer seal of quality.
From €9.36
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With a reversible design, these Acacia Wood Reversible Paddles are perfect for serving beer, cocktails, appetisers and even desserts.
With a delicate 6oz capacity, these Plastic Ice Scoops from Genware are ideal for use in either ice buckets or ice makers and ice machines.
Finish off cocktails like a Mojito or Moscow Mule with style using this Metal Straw Stirrer, ideal for drinking and mixing cocktails.
From €11.70
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These artificial, acrylic ice cubes offer a practical solution to using real ice when creating displays in bars, clubs or shop windows.
Create a classic martini with class using this 47 Ronin Martini Mister, perfect for adding a spritz of vermouth to the classic cocktail.
Add drama to your cocktails, by adding ice to your drinks that have been chipped by hand. This Ice Pick is essential for any mixologist.
From €0.23
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Hardwood Spiles are an essential item for ale casks and home brewing. When the fermentation and conditioning process is over, a wooden spile is inserted into the cask as the final finishing touch before serving.
The Mango Cocktail Flavour Pearls explode on your tongue for an instant flavour hit! With molecular gastronomy and mixology on the rising trend.
Add a touch of vintage to your bar with this British Leopold Style Gold Jigger Measure. Dual ended this jigger serves a range of measures.
The Antique Copper Julep Cocktail Strainer is designed like a large perforated spoon. Ideal for fitting on the majority of mixing glasses or tins.
With a unique coating, this Black Komodo Koat Hawthorne Strainer is ideal for the mixologist taking their cocktails to the next level.
With a grey textured coating, these Grey Komodo Koat Hawthorne Strainers offer greater grip and control when pouring cocktails.
Add vintage style to your barware equipment with Endurance Vintage Cocktail Strainer Spoon. Makes mixing and straining cocktails easy.
The Mini Stainless Steel Ice Bucket is the quirky addition to any bar. With a miniature design, this steel bucket offers a truly versatile usage.
For an accurate way of measuring your beer cask, the Cask Dip Rod is an essential addition to your bar or beer cellar. With clearly defined calibrations, you can easily and accurately establish the contents of your barrel.
Keeping an accurate headcount can be an impossible task. The Hand Tally Counter is the precise way to perform this task with ease. With a simple click button control located on the side, this clicker counter offers a speedy way to gather a tally of almost
The Rigid Cask Dip Rod is an essential item for cask beer owners. Designed to measure the remaining contents of upright beer casks, this Cask Dip Rod gives you a clear and accurate way of establishing when you're running low. Each Rigid Dip Rod has clear
The 9" Medium Beer Filter Papers are the premium way to ensure your beer or ale is thoroughly filtered. With a heavy duty filter such as this, first drawings and cask ales will always be served the right way. Beer Filter Papers ensures slower filtration a
The Medium Beer Filter Papers have an 8 inch diameter and are ideal for filtering and removing carbon dioxide from beer and ale. The medium grade beer filter paper gives a slower filtration, perfect for first drawings and cask ales.
SALE €28.10
Ever wondered how people create those amazing rainbow layered cocktail creations? With the Cocktail Master Rainbow Layering Tool you can dazzle your guests with your amazing drinks trickery. Normally, cocktail layering is a skill to be mastered over years
From €4.67
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Never let the fizz stop flowing with the iSi Sparklets Soda Syphon Cartridges. Ideal for using with iSi soda syphons, you can create unique beverages with an infusion of bubbles. With 10 cartridges, you have the power to create an impressive 1ltr with eac
The HypaPlast Detectable Blue Plasters are essential for safe food preparation. These blue catering plasters come in 5 different sizes & types.
For ultimate style when stirring your martinis, not shaking them, the Copper Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon is sure to impress.
You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and you can't make delicious Eggnog or a Pisco Sour without using the ProSep Egg Separator. To make the perfect egg based cocktails, you need an accurate and safe way of separating egg whites from yo
The Blackcurrant Cocktail Flavour Pearls are designed to emulate caviar. Ideal for adding flavour and garnish to cocktails, appetisers or desserts.
For a professional choice in bar equipment, the ProTrident Mixing Spoon offers practical functionality with a high quality design. This multi usage tool allows you to thoroughly mix your cocktails, master cocktail layering and features a trident fork end
For an easy way to carry wine glasses at events and parties, the Utopia Bamboo Wine Flight will have you covered. Each paddle has carved slots to hold up to 8 wine glasses safely and securely, this avoids inevitable spillages to ensure you are the perfect
With the Manhattan Martini Cocktail Shaker Set from bar@drinkstuff, you can start creating precise cocktails at home. Perfect for parties or home bars.
With the finest Edible 23 Carat Gold Leaf Flakes, you can adorn your cocktails or cuisine with an extra luxurious touch. Perfect for a connoisseur finish.
Stylish and practical, this Triangular Cocktail Strainer offers a compact shape and size whilst fitting to the shape of your hand.
The Monin 10ml Syrup Pump is the perfect suiting for 70cl Monin Syrup Bottles. With a perfectly proportioned 10ml per depression.
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Bar Accessories

Keeping your bar running is the key to success. Whether you own a home bar in your games room, or you’re a pub landlord, our cheap bar accessories offer a wide variety of home bar equipment, and pub bar equipment.

From everyday bar accessories like bar runners and bar towels, to unique bar accessories for the home, our bar equipment caters for all levels of bartenders. Help get your make your bar a truly professional quality bar with our commercial bar accessories, ideal for use in pubs and at home.

If you need some bar tools for a cocktail party you’re hosting, our fast delivery service will get them to you quickly. Make the most of our next day delivery service on all bar accessories in the UK.

Perfect for amateur barmen and professional barmen alike, our collection of barware ranges from basic bar accessories such as bar mats and glass stacking mats, to cocktail accessories such as soda siphons and ice crushers, and even incorporates fun novelty bar equipment ideal as gifts.

Our bar accessories shop provides you with plenty of bar accessories for the home to help you set up the perfect home bar.