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Bar Accessories

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Overfilled bins can be hazardous, so ensure you've got plenty of space for all your glass recycling with the Recycled Bottle Skip. Manufactured from tough recycled polymer plastic, these mobile Bottle Skips are ideal for placement under the bar or back of More info
On Sale $89.47 RRP $102.03 | Save 12%
In stock
Don't let melted ice ruin your drink, the Plastic Drainer Ice Scoop is specially designed to drain away excess water when serving ice cubes from the bucket. Great for bars, restaurants and parties, this lightweight acrylic ice scoop features three drainag More info
On Sale $6.26 RRP $7.83 | Save 20%
In stock
The sleek and stylish Rose Gold Plated Ginza Jigger Measure has been inspired by Japanese design. The rose gold plated finish makes it perfect for creating a contemporary or classic vintage look. Featuring a double ended design this spirit measure serves More info
On Sale $20.39 RRP $23.53 | Save 13%
In stock
For those making a lot of cocktails for party guests it is not only clean, but much more professional if you do not directly handle the ingredients your awaiting guests are about to consume. You also don't want a huge set of cooking tongs for handling you ice cubes, olives or cherries, so get some of these Stainless Steel Mini Tongs. More info
On Sale $2.03 RRP $2.34 | Save 13%
In stock
The Circular Non Slip Mahogany Tray does exactly what it says on the tin and provides you with a handy non-slip surface to carry all your glasses and plates on. With a sleek mahogany finish, these trays easily blend in with any bar setting. More info
In stock
The Brass Plated Glass Rack offers a convenient way to store your glassware, allowing for quick access when serving customers. This mountable rack can be placed under-shelf or over-head, and is suitable for most stemware types including wine, champagne an More info
On Sale $6.26 RRP $7.83 | Save 20% Single More options
In stock
Meet the demand for tasting menus with the Utopia Acacia Wood Wine/Beer Flight. This elegantly shaped natural wood board is double sided to allow for versatility when serving in your restaurant or bar. One side is specially designed for wine glasses, whil More info
On Sale $14.11 RRP $15.68 | Save 10% Single More options
In stock
If you've got a busy bar, it can be easy to misplace your thimble measures. To save yourself hunting them down every time you need to serve up a spirit, this Small Shot Rail will keep them organised, quick to hand and most importantly, in one place! More info
On Sale $18.82 RRP $22.75 | Save 17%
In stock
This Aluminium Ice Scoop is ideal for quick dispensing of ice between glasses, filling up champagne buckets and emptying ice makers, perfect for quick service. More info
On Sale $12.54 RRP $18.82 | Save 33%
In stock
To help speed up service, this professional quality Aluminium Ice Scoop will help you empty commercial ice makers, dispense ice between glasses and jugs and fill up champagne buckets. Ideal for use in bars, restaurants and parties, it will allow for a smo More info
On Sale $18.82 RRP $20.39 | Save 8%
In stock
From a minty mojito to a fruity daiquiri, you'll be prepared for any cocktail with this Condiment Dispenser. With 6 removable compartment trays for easy cleaning, this holder is ideal for cocktail garnishes and ingredients. The clear perspex lid allows yo More info
On Sale $31.38 RRP $39.23 | Save 20%
In stock
Keep your bar neat and tidy with this Stainless Steel Shot Rail. Designed to hold four spirit measures, you can use it to keep your bar organised as well as looking smart! More info
On Sale $23.53 RRP $28.24 | Save 17%
In stock
When serving up a glass of your finest wine, the last thing you want is to receive complaints that there is an unsightly lipstick mark around the rim. The Quash Lipstick Remover Kit contains everything you'll need to get your glasses sparkling clean for p More info
On Sale $31.38 RRP $43.94 | Save 29%
In stock
To go alongside your Quash Lipstick Remover Kit, this refill pack contains everything you'll need to maintain your brilliantly cleaned glassware. Including 2 bottles of Quash Concentrate, 4 extra applicator sponges and 1 spare measuring cup, this set will More info
On Sale $39.23 RRP $47.08 | Save 17%
In stock
If you want to prove yourself as a bartender you've got to be able to keep up with the top dogs. In the world of flair, getting bottle tops off at speed is so essential there's competitions for it. Ensure you always have your trusty bar blade to hand with More info
On Sale $31.38 RRP $39.23 | Save 20%
In stock
If your mates aren't treating your precious home bar with respect, then make sure you make the rules clear by putting up this Pub Laws Sign! Made from a solid black plastic, the Pub Laws Sign features gold print stating all four of the UK Licensing Act la More info
On Sale $10.97 RRP $12.54 | Save 13%
In stock
The versatile and practical Honeycomb Tea Towels are an essential for any catered establishment. The honeycomb 100% cotton design makes these cloths super absorbent, ideal for drying glassware, dishes and for general kitchen use. The plain white colour also makes these towels ideal for use as a waiter's cloth. More info
On Sale $36.09 RRP $40.80 | Save 12%
In stock
Snazz up your bar tools with the addition of the Gold Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon. Perfect for cocktails which don't require shaking, this gold plated spoon lets you gently mix drinks or create layered cocktails using the long twisted shaft. More info
On Sale $18.82 RRP $21.96 | Save 14%
In stock
Law sign advising of the Licencing Act 1985 in relation to 25ml shot measures. A classic and professional design means these signs will fit the aesthetics of almost any bar. Gold text on a black background supplied with double sided sticky foam pad. More info
On Sale $7.83 RRP $9.40 | Save 17%
In stock
This black and gold sign has the presence to be noticed, informing your customers of the rules and regulations that come with serving alcohol in a licenced establishment in accordance with the Licencing Act 1985. This professional level sign is perfect fo More info
On Sale $7.83 RRP $8.30 | Save 6%
In stock
A modern alternative to the traditional bar towel, this Rubber Bar Mat is ideal for contemporary bars. Wide enough to accommodate most classic glasses, it's the best way to protect your precious bar top from spillages and condensation marks. More info
On Sale $6.26 RRP $9.40 | Save 33% Single More options
In stock
As used in trendy bars and restaurants, this durable black rubber mat is easily washable making it a cleaner and more hygienic alternative to traditional bar towels! Keep your bar free from spillages and ring marks with this ultimate bar accessory. More info
On Sale $9.40 RRP $15.68 | Save 40% Single More options
In stock
Keep your bar clean and drip-free and do away with soggy beer towels with the long-lasting washable Rubber Bar Mat from Tablecraft. This extra-long mat is designed for bar use and is also ideal as a prep area for cocktail creators and mixologists. More info
On Sale $9.40 RRP $10.97 | Save 14% Single More options
In stock
Tablecraft's Rubber Bar Mat ensures drinks spillages are no longer a worry for barmen; when full glasses are served on this mat, any accidental spills are neatly caught in between the prongs so you can easily pour them away afterwards. More info
On Sale $7.83 RRP $9.40 | Save 17% Single More options
In stock
If you've just installed your very own home bar, the last thing you want is beer stains and cocktail juices ruining the look and varnish finish. This large rubber bar mat will collect spilt liquids between the rubber prongs, leaving your bar looking spark More info
On Sale $10.97 RRP $18.82 | Save 42% Single More options
In stock
Keep your bar surfaces free from sticky Guinness drips with the Guinness Label Rubber Bar Mat! Made from PVC rubber, just place this mat on your bar top and it will helpfully protect your nice wood veneers and collect any stray drips for easy cleaning. More info
On Sale $18.82 RRP $26.67 | Save 29%
In stock
Wherever there is ice and slice you will always have need for some tongs! These classic hard wearing stainless steel tongs will last and last and will prove an indispensable tool for your home bar or whenever you decide to hold a party! More info
On Sale $1.55 RRP $2.18 | Save 29% Single More options
In stock
With a Wooden Muddler you crush your hard cocktail ingredients, such as mint and ginger, before application to help release the flavours and give yourself a much better drink experience! More info
On Sale $3.12 RRP $4.69 | Save 33% Single More options
In stock

Bar Accessories

Keeping your bar running is the key to success. Whether you own a home bar in your games room, or you’re a pub landlord, our cheap bar accessories offer a wide variety of home bar equipment, and pub bar equipment.

From everyday bar accessories like bar runners and bar towels, to unique bar accessories for the home, our bar equipment caters for all levels of bartenders. Help get your make your bar a truly professional quality bar with our commercial bar accessories, ideal for use in pubs and at home.

If you need some bar tools for a cocktail party you’re hosting, our fast delivery service will get them to you quickly. Make the most of our next day delivery service on all bar accessories in the UK.

Perfect for amateur barmen and professional barmen alike, our collection of barware ranges from basic bar accessories such as bar mats and glass stacking mats, to cocktail accessories such as soda siphons and ice crushers, and even incorporates fun novelty bar equipment ideal as gifts.

Our bar accessories shop provides you with plenty of bar accessories for the home to help you set up the perfect home bar.

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