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Bar Tools

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With a powerful squeezing action, the green colour coded Lime Juicer from Tablecraft gets the most out of citrus fruit. The built in strainer ensures you don't receive any unwanted bits and the side spout makes for easy pouring. For an extra smooth blend, More info
On Sale €12.60 RRP €16.38 | Save 23% Single More options
In stock
To help give you the professional edge, the Twisted Mixing Spoon by bar@drinkstuff offers an easy and economical way to stir your cocktail creations. With a long 11 inch construction, this bar spoon can reach to the bottom of a variety of cocktail shakers More info
On Sale €3.77 RRP €6.29 | Save 40% Single More options
In stock
With a Wooden Muddler you crush your hard cocktail ingredients, such as mint and ginger, before application to help release the flavours and give yourself a much better drink experience! More info
On Sale €2.51 RRP €3.77 | Save 33% Single More options
In stock
The bar@drinkstuff Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer ensures no large pieces of fruit or ice slip into your glass. The perfect fit for a Boston Shaker Glass, this strainer features 4 prongs for stability, ensuring picture perfect cocktails every time. More info
On Sale €3.14 RRP €5.03 | Save 38% Single More options
In stock
The perfect addition to any home bar or cocktail party, the stylish Luxe Lounge Five Piece Cocktail Tool Set contains everything you need to serve the perfect cocktail. Four essential stainless steel bar tools sit in the brushed stainless steel stand which features four cocktail recipes on the reverse. More info
On Sale €22.69 RRP €27.73 | Save 18%
In stock
A true cocktail requires more skill than just pouring a spirit in a glass and topping with coke, which is where the Twisted Mixing Spoon comes in. With its professional stainless steel look, you can stylishly and effortlessly combine cocktails with a simp More info
On Sale €7.55 RRP €8.82 | Save 14%
In stock
Take your cocktail making to a whole new level with the ProCrush Muddler & Crusher. The ProCrush features a unique patented design and durable stainless steel construction. The silicone head provides greater cushioning protection to reduce drag and use le More info
On Sale €44.13 RRP €63.05 | Save 30%
In stock
Multi-purpose Bar Knife with sharp straight-edge, serrated edge and forked tip. Ideal for slicing fruit to stick in one of your home made cocktails! More info
On Sale €2.51 RRP €5.03 | Save 50%
In stock
No one likes a watered down drink which is why the patented Cast Aluminium Drainer Ice Scoop features large drainage holes to drain away any excess water when filling your glass with ice. Ideal for use with ice buckets and ice machines, this scoop is an e More info
On Sale €10.08 RRP €12.60 | Save 20%
In stock
To save yourself filling the glass with water instead of ice before you've even poured your drink, the Plastic Drainer Ice Scoop comes in very useful. This scoop features large drainage holes to allow water to drain away when serving ice cubes. Ideal for More info
On Sale From €5.42 RRP From €6.29 | Save 14% Single More options
In stock
Any good bartender knows the way to bring out the flavour of your cocktail ingredients is to use a muddler. Perfect for making mojitos and similar cocktails, the Plastic Muddler by bar@drinkstuff has a serrated end that's perfect for grinding the juices o More info
On Sale €2.51 RRP €7.55 | Save 67% Single More options
In stock
A must for any self-respecting cocktail artist, this solid 20cm Natural Wooden Muddler is essential for grinding out your raw ingredients for that perfect cocktail. The Natural Wooden Muddler works by crushing and bruising your ingredients in a glass or shaker to infuse the flavours and give you a magic mix. More info
On Sale €3.77 RRP €5.03 | Save 25% Single More options
In stock
Juicing lemons and limes for cocktails can be hard work, which is why the C-Press Citrus Juicer is designed to turn it into a painless task. With a sturdy construction and simple design, this citrus press offers a professional finish for use in both bars More info
On Sale €44.13 RRP €56.74 | Save 22%
In stock
No ingredient will be left un-muddled when you present this beautifully ergonomically designed bar tool! The Stainless Steel Muddler is ideal for garnishes that need a bit of extra force - the steel construction ensure this muddler will last through any difficult crushing task! More info
On Sale €5.03 RRP €12.60 | Save 60%
In stock
The classic Red Knob Bar Spoon, a bartending essential for generations. This stainless steel spoon will help you create the perfect cocktail everytime, whether you intend to make a work of art, or a powerful blend of flavours. More info
On Sale €3.77 RRP €8.82 | Save 57%
In stock
The Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer is no ordinary cocktail strainer, it doubles up as an ice scoop making it a highly versatile and essential bar tool. Manufactured from hard wearing stainless steel, the Juliep offers a unique angled design which fits perfe More info
On Sale €18.91 RRP €31.52 | Save 40%
In stock
Specially designed for muddling cocktail ingredients, the Wooden Muddler is perfect for use with tall hiball glasses. Create your own mojitos, mint juleps and other cocktails by bruising and crushing ingredients such as lime and mint together with this pr More info
On Sale €3.77 RRP €7.55 | Save 50% Single More options
In stock
When serving up a fancy cocktail you need the right equipment. Somehow straining a cocktail through your kitchen sieve doesn't quite have the same elegance as using a proper cocktail strainer. This Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer is perfect for use with a B More info
On Sale €18.91 RRP €22.69 | Save 17%
In stock
There's no excuse for misplacing your most important bar tools again as the VacuVin Muddler & Tools features a 3in1 innovative design. The multipurpose tongs and spirit measure conveniently slot inside the cocktail muddler, ready for use when you're next mixing up some cocktails. More info
On Sale €12.60 RRP €16.33 | Save 23%
In stock
The highly versatile ProStirrer Mixing Spoon is a must have for any serious mixologist; it offers hassle-free stirring, layering and muddling, helping you create perfect cocktails every time. Made from durable stainless steel, this spoon features a sturdy More info
On Sale €18.91 RRP €31.52 | Save 40%
In stock
You can't serve up a cocktail just by throwing some ingredients into a glass. You need to release the full potential of the flavours, otherwise you'll end up with a very bland cocktail. Using a muddler, such as the Flat Base Stainless Steel Muddler, makes More info
On Sale From €3.77 RRP From €7.55 | Save 50% Single More options
In stock
To ensure you don't loose your grip on your precious muddler after a few too many mojitos, this Stainless Steel Muddler features three rubber ring grips on the handle. For when you've got lots of drinks to prepare, you can quickly and firmly crush the fla More info
On Sale €5.03 RRP €10.08 | Save 50% Single More options
In stock
If you served your guests or clients a poorly made cocktail, with big chucks of ice and fruit pips, it would be the social equivalent of serving your mother-in-law lumpy gravy. This Two Prong Hawthorn Strainer is ideal for ensuring there's no unwanted bits floating in your margarita. More info
On Sale €3.77 RRP €5.03 | Save 25%
In stock
The stainless steel Citrus Zester from Kitchen Craft is the ideal tool for topping off your cocktails with some extra pizazz. The added canelle blade means you can carve the slightly larger strips of fruit to really show off your bartending skills. More info
On Sale €5.03 RRP €6.29 | Save 20%
In stock
This Aluminium Ice Scoop is ideal for quick dispensing of ice between glasses, filling up champagne buckets and emptying ice makers, perfect for quick service. More info
On Sale €10.08 RRP €15.12 | Save 33%
In stock
If you're serving up drinks at a bar or party, you need a quick device to dispense ice between glasses, otherwise you might end up with a queue of irritate guests. This Aluminium Ice Scoop is ideal for use with ice buckets and champagne buckets, ensuring your service is smooth, flawless and quick! More info
On Sale €4.40 RRP €5.03 | Save 13%
In stock
Wherever there is ice and slice you will always have need for some tongs! These classic hard wearing stainless steel tongs will last and last and will prove an indispensable tool for your home bar or whenever you decide to hold a party! More info
On Sale €1.25 RRP €1.75 | Save 29% Single More options
In stock
Mix, layer and crush with the Gold Plated Classic Bar Spoon from Urban Bar. Featuring a gold plated finish for a stylish, classic look, this spoon is an essential addition to any bar. In addition to stirring drinks this spoon has a long twisted shaft for More info
On Sale €16.38 RRP €18.91 | Save 13%
In stock

Bar Tools

Every bartender has those few essential bar tools they can't live without. Whether it’s a cocktail muddler, cocktail strainer or bar knife, a high quality bar tool should last a lifetime. We offer a wide selection of bar tools and cocktail equipment for both cocktail enthusiasts and professional bartenders.

Even the most basic cocktail requires several important bar tools, often a citrus juicer, cocktail muddler, cocktail strainer, bar knife and mixing spoon. If you're looking to improve your cocktail making skills, we offer citrus zesters, fruit slicers, pitters and stoners for professional looking cocktails.

Our versatile bar tool selection includes a wide range of aluminium ice scoops and ice tongs, which are perfect for cocktail parties and home bars.

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