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Established in 1977
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Oversize Wine Glasses for Beer

When sampling craft beers and cask ale, you need to be able to savour the features of your chosen tipple, which is why the use of a wine glass can help to enhance your tasting experience. A rounded red wine glass is an ideal substitute for a snifter, allowing you to swirl your beverage to release the hidden aromas, while a white wine glass offers a finer replacement for a chunky beer goblet.
There's no rules when serving beer in a wine glass, so we've gathered a few wine glasses that make a great starting point for a unique drinks service. View our full range of wine glasses for even more inspiration.

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From £19.99
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When you're serving or sampling a fine wine such as a vintage red, you can't just stick it in any old wine glass, you need a glass that will show off all the features of your wine. The Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses have a wide bowl that allows you to appre
From £23.99
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Trendy and practical, the Alternato Wine Glass brings a unique look to your table setting. The thick, short stem and round bowl give this glass a solid feel, making it comfortable to hold, ideal when you're standing at parties or at the bar.
From £16.99
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The perfect accompaniment to a feast, the Chivalry Banquet Goblets feature an antique style design. These panelled short stem goblets are versatile enough to serve wine or beer, and are covered by Libbey's Safedge rim and foot guarantee.
From £11.99
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The short stemmed Perception Banquet Wine Goblets, with their practical and elegant design, are ideal for banquets, restaurants and bars. Suitable for serving both white and red wines, these durable 41cl glasses are covered by Libbey's Safedge rim and foo
With a bevelled pedestal design, the Winchester Wine Goblets are the sophisticated way to serve red or white wine. An elegant style keeps these goblets a more unique alternative to plain wine glasses. With Libbey glass, you can feel confident with a tough
The All Purpose Burgunder from the Michelangelo Masterpiece range has been elegantly crafted for the enjoyment of red wines. The large ballon style bowl is perfect for swirling your favourite tipple and releasing the flavours, while the fine rim is design
From £19.99
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For a versatile addition to your glassware collection, the Grand Cru Wine Glasses are perfect for both wine tasting and for serving cocktails. The tapered rim of this glass enhances the flavours of wine and improves your overall tasting experience.
From £7.99
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Enhancing the visuals of your next dinner party, the robust Teardrop Tear Wine Glasses hold a healthy 355ml, making them ideal for serving red wine with plenty of room available for swirling your drink around for full appreciation of the aromas and flavou
From £27.99
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Enjoy a generous splash of red with the Omega Grande Cave Red Wine Glass. With a fine rim and large bowl, this glass has been optimised for tasting. Made with Kwarx Advanced Material, this glass is highly durable and dishwasher safe, while retaining a del
From £29.99
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The 25cl Amelia Wine Goblets are versatile enough for both red and white wine or water, making them perfect for the dinner table. The Amelia offers a unique stackable design and a fully tempered finish for extra resistance and glass safety.
Take a break from the norm with the LSA Wine Collection Stemless White Wine Glasses. Elegant in design, these stemless glasses are ideal for enjoying a white wine with a difference. Each 37cl glass is made from mouth-blown glass and make the perfect gift
From £19.99
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The Alternato Wine Glass says goodbye to the traditional glass stem, instead offering a short, thick stem with a characteristic bubble in the base. With a rounded bowl, the Alternato has been designed for a comfortable hold, whether standing at the bar or
From £44.99
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The 800ml Atelier Red Wine Glass is the largest volume from the Atelier glassware range, offering the premium quality of the entire range. Ideal for serving red wine, the larger bowl allows more space for the wine to breathe, resulting in a wider aroma an
From £17.99
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If you want a glass that will truly complement your wine, the Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses are the ideal choice. A large bowl sits on an elegant slim stem to allow you to stimulate the flavours and bouquet of your wine. The Cabernet Ballon is made from in
From £19.99
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The Cabernet Lyre Beaujolais Wine Glass offers a traditional style alongside a practical design for use in modern environments. The bulbous design makes this glass ideal for enjoying red wines and features an extra fine rim for tasting.
From £41.40
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Part of LSA's Wine collection, the Balloon Wine Glasses have been specially designed to enhance your wine tasting experience. With a wide 57cl bowl, these handmade glasses are suited to serving red wine, making them ideal for dinner parties.
From £22.79
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With its unique thick stem design, the Alternato breathes new life into the world of wine glasses by providing an alternative to the usual tall stemware designs so common in wine glasses. With a round bowl ideal for red wine, the Alternato can also be use

Oversize Wine Glasses for Beer

Why stick to a beer glass to serve beer? Try serving your beer in a large wine glass for a unique beer service. Oversize wine glasses used for beer are often great substitutes for stemmed beer glasses, with ballon wine glasses making great stylish tall beer snifters, and some of the connoisseur wine glasses designed to accentuate aromas and flavours also working perfectly for connoisseur beers.

Our range of wine glasses for beer includes stemmed glasses for beer that make your drinks service like no other. You don’t have to be limited to our selection of large wine glasses, bars in Europe will often use all sorts of wine glass for beer as an alternative to beer chalices and beer goblets.

Get creative by serving beer in wine glasses and take advantage of our large range of cheap wine glasses for beer, all available with fast UK delivery.