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Established in 1977
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From €4.48
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Serve sauces and traditional Chinese Tea in Oriental inspired Tao Dipping Bowls, featuring an eye catching pattern and a wavy ribbed edge.
These Cup Cake Dessert Dishes are ideal for adding a pop of colour and a quirky feel to your dessert service.
From €4.48
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Inject some Oriental inspired style into your table settings with these Tao Dipping Bowls, perfect for serving and presenting a wide variety of sauces and dips.
These Ceramic Cup Cake Case Dessert Dishes are perfect for serving individual portions of desserts such as souffles and puddings.
From €4.48
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Serve any number of sauces and accompanying condiments in Oriental style with these patterned Tao Dipping Bowls.
From €16.84
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With an eye catching red pattern these Tao Noodle bowls are perfect for adding character and colour to your table settings.
From €16.84
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Serve your noodle soup in these Oriental inspired Tao Noddle Bowls, featuring a ribbed, waved design and an eye catching pattern.
Add a bold, and unique statement to your table settings with this fiercly unique Churchill Stonecast Berry Red Triangular Bowls.
Featuring rolled edges for chip resistance these Royal Genware Organic Bowls are perfect for use in busy commercial settings or at home.
From €5.61
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Add some colour and character to your table settings and existing crockery with these patterned Red Tao Rice Bowls.
These Royal Genware Organic Bowls feature a contemporary yet unique shape and design that is perfectly contrasted by their traditional white glaze.
From €5.61
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Spice up your existing crockery with the addition of the patterned Tao Rice Bowls, perfect for serving a variety of side dishes.
Be prepared to make a bold statement with these Churchill Stonecast Berry Red Coupe Bowls, perfect for serving speciality desserts.
These uniquely shaped Royal Genware Organic Bowls are the perfect addition to any commercial or domestic table setting.
From €16.84
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Featuring a waved exterior and a blue pattern these bowls are perfect for serving your noodles in true Oriental style.
From €5.61
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Jazz up your table settings with these bold blue patterned porcelain Oriental inspired Rice Bowls with a ribbed exterior.
With a wide rim designed to frame your dishes, these Churchill Stonecast Cornflower Blue Wide Rim Bowls are ideal for use in restaurants.
With a wide rim, these cornflower blue bowls are the perfect way to serve and display your rustic pasta dishes, and other country cuisine.
Large enough for serving pasta, or displaying fruit, these hand painted cornflower inspired bowls for Churchill are the perfect choice.
These beautiful rustic bowls are made from robust porcelain and each bowl is hand painted making every piece of the earth range tableware truly unique
With an eye-catching cornflower blue glaze, these triangular bowls from Churchill are the perfect finishing touch to table setting.
These Earth Mocha Bowls are great for a variety of dishes, serve sauces, nibbles or appetisers alongside main meals. With a hand painted rim and speckled finish these bowls are perfect for creating a warm rustic table presentation.
With a unique shape and hand painted glaze these triangular bowls from Churchill are the perfect way to serve country cuisine.
With a unique shape, these rustic, cornflower blue triangular bowls from Churchill are a fantastic way to serve soups or desserts.
Add colour to your table setting with these stunning cornflower blue coupe bowls from Churchill's Stonecast range.
These Mocha scoop bowls perfect for serving accompanying dips, sauces, condiments or olives and are ideal for Tapas and Mexican dishes.
From €5.61
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The La Rochère Coupe Eva Bowl embodies a modern and simple design, with a solid footed base and sleek bowl. Serve starters, desserts or salad in a bold way.
With a country kitchen inspired cornflower blue, hand painted finish, these bowls are ideal for serving soups or desserts.
From €6.73
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With a unique diamond pattern that catches the light, this La Rochère Baikal Small Dish brings sophistication to your food presentation.
From €8.98
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Bring a French feel to any dish you serve with this Versailles Bowl, inspired by the Versailles palace and decorated with a baroque design that includes scrolls, flowers and scallop shells.
These Earth Mocha Bowls are perfect for serving anything from desserts to soups, with warm earthy tones these bowls bring a completely rustic feel to any tabletop
Whether you're serving vegetables alongside main meals or fruit and cream with delicious desserts, these versatile Earth Thistle Bowls are perfect for a variety of side dishes
These stunning bowls are hand crafted porcelain and offer a rustic table presentation to any dining experience. From the Earth range by Utopia they truly create a 'earthy' feel to your dishes.
These curved serving bowls are perfect for a unique food presentation, complement main dishes and sharing boards with these mini sauce pots. Display sauces, dips and condiments and add a rustic touch to any tabletop.
Change the way you serve salad with these Rustik Dots Salad Bowls, featuring a natural dotted design and painted rim. These porcelain bowls by Utopia's Rustik Dots range follows the latest trend in rustic tableware.
These elegant but rustic serving bowls are from Utopia's Rustik Dots range, Rustik by name, rustic by nature. Featuring a dotted design and painted rim.
Serve nibbles, sauces and dips in these mini serving bowls and provide a stunning food presentation with Steelite's latest range Terramesa.
These Olive Terramesa Essence Bowls provide a truly unique presentation, serve anything from Mexican food to Spanish tapas in these stunning bowls.
Refresh your tableware with these natural, olive tone scoop bowls and provide a unique rustic food display. Serve a variety of dishes, such as salads, appetisers or even use as a dessert bowl.
These Olive Terramesa Serving Bowls are sure to add a natural look to any table setting, update your tableware with these rustic yet modern bowls.
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Complete your dinnerware set with our range of commercial bowls, ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, cafes and catering. All our serving bowls are available with fast UK delivery, making them the ideal choice of tableware for your establishment.

With great crockery brands including Royal Genware bowls, Elia bowls and Steelite bowls, we offer a great selection of white bowls, porcelain bowls, ceramic bowls and fine china bowls. Our range of specialist bowls include salad bowls, soup bowls, soup plates, pasta bowls, rice bowls, cereal bowls, oatmeal bowls and mussel bowls. In addition to our range of classic round bowls, we also offer oval bowls, coupe bowls, square bowls and rounded square bowls.